Titanic 2.0? Norwegian Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg in Alaska

Titanic 2.0 Norwegian Cruise Ship Hit IceBerg in Alaska

A terrified passenger captured the moment when their cruise ship hit an iceberg in Alaska

The Norwegian Sun ship abruptly collided with the “growler” iceberg as it was on its way to Hubbard Glacier in Alaska as part of a nine-night cruise. The incident happened around the weekend of June 25, 2022, which terrified the passengers.

Passengers in the background exclaim, “Titanic 2.0!”

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Benjamin Talbott took the video; he mentioned hanging out with his family when his brother Anthony Romo noticed something in the water. The floated iceberg on the surface can also be seen in the video following the impact.
For additional evaluation, Norwegian Cruise Line reports that the ship sailed to Juneau, Alaska. The cruise that was supposed to leave on June 30 was canceled when it was decided to cut the trip short.

Although the accident caused “cosmetic” damage to the ship and many pieces of port equipment to be damaged, no passengers were hurt.

“The ship remains fully operational and is currently on its way to Juneau, Alaska for assessment. Additional information will be provided as appropriate,” NCL said.

Despite the scary incident, people shared their quips about the incident, taking the reference from the movie “Titanic.”

“Whatever you do, if she sinks… make sure rose shares the door with jack this time!” a user said, referring to the leading lady of the mentioned movie; another user commented, “There is enough room on the door for both…”

Other users were worried about the incident and put on their shoes if they were on the cruise.

“Bruh I’d have had a panic attack if I heard that while on a ship. 100% just put my headphones in and listen to the Titanic soundtrack till the ship sank,” a user wrote.

“The ship been very lucky. She did not sustain much damage. Else could have been a disaster,” another user wrote.

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You will NEVER see me on a cruise going ANYWHERE cold.


Didn't they learn from the Titanic?


Who had Titanic 2 on their bingo card?


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