Man Fired From Job After TikTok Slammed As ‘Racist’

Man Fired From Job After TikTok Slammed as ‘Racist’

The internet has born a new main character this week named Griffin Green after his Tiktok video was slammed as ‘Racist’

Griffin Green, a recent immigrant to New York from the Midwest, enraged city dwellers by sharing his dislike of bodega culture in a TikTok that went viral, which ultimately led to his termination from his new job.
Newcomer Green was surprised to discover a lack of major supermarkets and food stores in the Bronx where he was residing. New York City is famed for its bodegas, which are convenience businesses on almost every street corner that provide staples and needs.

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The original account was made private, thus it is no longer possible to view the original video. However, a user shared his video on Twitter once again and it is now making its way through the said app.

He remarked in the TikTok, pointing to a bodega, he went on with how he had just moved to New York and his map kept guiding him to a “bodega” instead of a supermarket. His video is full of curses.

He remarked while pointing to a bodega how, after relocating to New York, his Apple map kept taking him to “bodega” instead of supermarkets and how he kept passing the same store repeatedly. His video has far too many expletives.

After facing some criticism at first, Green—who now carries the nickname “Bodega Bro”—uploaded another video in which he described it as “funny” that his maps kept taking him to bodegas rather than supermarkets.

A popular TikToker and New Yorker Dutch de Carvalho were drawn to the issue. He offered several explanations for why there aren’t many grocery stores in places like the Bronx.

De Carvalho stated that his video is intended for everyone who frequently asks, “Dutch, why do you become upset when people move to New York?”

He said that it’s because of frequently exhibit unnecessary attitudes when moving to the city and instead of adapting to the neighborhood, they simply make fun of it.
He continues that Green has only been there for like two days and already found a way to make fun of the stores that many people in the community rely on.

Due to the outrage, internet users discovered older Green TikToks in which he discussed moving to New York City for work and displayed an employment letter from software company Outreach.

A Twitter user who tagged the business in Green’s bodega video, said, “I don’t think it’s very flattering to have this type of person representing your company. I would revalue [sic] his employment if I were you.”

The business later responded and stated that Green was no longer working for Outreach as a result of this.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon investigation, we took swift internal action in accordance with our company policies and alignment with our core values. He is no longer an employee of Outreach.” the company responded.

It turns out, upon the company’s investigation, they revealed that their employee had leaked his employment letter on social media, which is against the company’s policy to leak private and confidential information, resulting in Green being fired.

Reactions to Man Fired From Job After TikTok Slammed as ‘Racist’

Why has there been so much negative blowback on a white guy experiancing first hand the natural consequenses of food desserts..?


Gee another person got canceled/fired from their job for simply speaking the truth about New York. What a shock!


bro werent a bunch of ppl complaining that black neighborhoods are "food deserts" with no fresh food and groceries but when this dude does he gets fired lmao


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