Mexican Mayor Ties A Knot With Alligator Dressed As A Bride In A Centuries-Old Ritual

Mexican Mayor Ties A Knot With Alligator Dressed As A Bride. In A Centuries_Old Ritual

Another fairytale love story? No, it’s not. It’s an old ritual in part to pray for the abundance of nature.

The ritual marriage is believed to have originated among the indigenous Chontal and Huave groups of the state of Oaxaca hundreds of years ago, as a prayer begging for the richness of nature.

The Chontal and Huave Indigenous communities of the state of Oaxaca practice marital rituals that probably extend back hundreds of years to pre-Hispanic times. 

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“We ask nature for enough rain, for enough food, that we have fish in the river,” said Sosa, mayor of the small fishing community on the steamy Pacific coast of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca, which lies in the underdeveloped south of Mexico, is probably the home to many indigenous communities that have steadfastly preserved their languages and traditions.
The alligator or caiman is dressed in a white wedding dress as well as other vibrant clothing as part of the ancient tradition of San Pedro Huamelula, which is now combined with Catholic devotion.

The reptile referred to as “little princess” is believed to be a deity representing mother earth. And her union with the local chief represents humanity and the divine coming together.

Behind the union of the Mayor and the reptile, people are curious about their tradition, and some share witty remarks below the tweet.

One user shares a quip about the situation, “And I thought I had seen everything born in NYC. Considering where this is happening I hope the alligator is of age to be married?”

Another user says that this one is better than marrying children, saying, “That’s way better than marrying children like they do in those communities.”

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In sickness and in health, for lunch and for dinner…


We clearly need better rituals in the US


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