Is Season 4 of “The Umbrella Academy” Potentially The Last Season?


As the season draws to a close, viewers should get ready to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

Any series will always come to an end; however, “The Umbrella Academy” might be ending theirs too early since the upcoming Season 4 of the show is going to be reportedly their last.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The Umbrella Academy’s third season only premiered on Netflix this June, and there have already been discussions about a fourth, much to the delight of fans. Nevertheless, given that there has been no announcement of its renewal, Netflix is presumably still debating this.

Aside from the viewers, the show’s creator, Steve Blackman, is looking forward to season 4 as well and has already proposed further episodes to Netflix. He also discussed this during an interview with TVLine.

“I don’t know how many seasons [Netflix] wants to go,” he stated. “I pitched them season 4, and I know the beginning, middle, and end [of it]. When I started the show, I really only knew the first four seasons in my mind.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“Netflix may want more than that,” he noted. “But I have a sweet thought of where I think the show should end and where we’re going.”

Blackman added that the comic book’s co-creator, Gerard Way, plans to produce volumes upon volumes of the material for the foreseeable future. Meaning that even if the show ends, the comic series will still be published.

Cheat Sheet claims that prior to the release of their most recent seasons, programs like Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Ozark have been renewed. As a result, it will be possible that the renewal for “The Umbrella Academy” will be announced soon, so fans will just have to wait patiently.

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