‘Drunk’ Guest Almost Burns Down Wedding Venue, But Continue Dancing

‘Drunk’ Guest Almost Burns Down Wedding Venue, But Continue Dancing

A hilarious video of a ‘drunk’ man who almost burns down a wedding venue while dancing.

There is no other fun celebration without having someone enjoying his life more than anything, isn’t it?

The viral video shows a ‘drunk’ man dancing to I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt while both hands are occupied with fireworks and swinging his arms; the video happened in a wedding venue. However, the firework on his left hand accidentally hit the hay-like display on a barrel that started a massive fire.

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Fortunately, the fire was immediately stamped out by him, and the next thing that happened made the viewers laugh. The looking ‘drunk’ man continues dancing after the abrupt stop because of the incident.

The video is currently accumulating more than 13 million views and 439.7 thousand likes on Twitter posted by Warren Sharp.
Twitter users commended the man for total control of the situation; some found the man funny and loved the vibe he gave.

“Always one drunken at every wedding,” one user replied on the tweet, while another user shared his favorite part in the video, “My favorite part is when he starts punching the flames.”

“Most impressive part is that 2-3 second gap when he’s staring at the blazing inferno and still got a little pep in his step,” said another user.

One Twitter user commended the man for the effort in putting out the fire, “What a legendary commitment and effort to get it under control. Dude is a beast.”

Reactions to ‘Drunk’ Guest Almost Burns Down Wedding Venue, But Continue Dancing

and he kept grooving 😭 he said relax okes


And this is how an X-Man was born.


Idk why they taught us to stop, drop, and roll in school. He did none of these things and still won


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