What Happened Last Season on The Rookie? (Season 4)

Rookie S4 Cast

In the last season of The Rookie, Nolan is compelled to spend a week in solitary confinement in a sleepy border town alongside a rookie local police officer. Chen and Bradford learn that appearances can be deceiving and work together to go undercover in a drug trafficking case.

The Rookie Season 4 Summary

Episode 1 - Life and Death

Officer Jackson West (Titus Makin Jr.) is slain as Angela Lopez (Allyssa Diaz) is being kidnapped to save her. The D.E.A. is enlisted by Sergeant Wade Grey (Richard T. Jones) and Wesley Evers (Shawn Ashmore), but they are constrained by the case’s political implications. To rescue Angela Lopez, who has been taken to Guatemala, John Nolan (Nathan Fillion), Tim Bradford (Eric Winter), and Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox) recruit the aid of Max Kegel (Troy Ruptash), who provides them with a helicopter and weapons.


Before heading there to strike a deal with Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz (Camille Guaty), Evers accepts assistance from a criminal in exchange for future favors. Angela Lopez is threatened with death by La Fiera after giving birth. As they are ready to flee in the helicopter, La Fiera is saved by Lopez. Evers is protected by Nolan from the last of La Fiera’s thugs.

Episode 2 - Five Minutes

Harper is given a new rookie, Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino), and Tim Bradford, promoted to sergeant, leads the roll call. After being haunted by flashbacks of Aaron Thorsen’s sentencing for allegedly murdering his roommate in Paris, Harper is persuaded that he lacks the skills necessary to work as a police officer.


When Nolan and Vanessa Chen (Lauren Tom) stop Claire Ivey (Tricia Helfer) for speeding, she gives them a tip about a forthcoming heist. The department successfully foils the robbery by posing as the intended convoy. Nolan gathers his courage to ask Bailey out on a date, but she rejects him at first. Eventually, he persuades her that she can change and try out the first relationship.

Episode 3 - In the Line of Fire

In response to a house fire, Nolan and Vanessa Chen rescue a man who is trapped inside. After the fire is put out, the LAFD finds a body inside; an examination confirms that he was dead before the fire started. Nolan, Chen, Bradford, Harper, and Officer Webb (Jay Hunter) observe a sniper shooting at a private escort car as they are taking a break.


Aidan Merritt (Jonah Wharton) briefly holds them captive in his own home before being subdued by Nolan as Nolan and Chen look into a suspect pool and interview him. Wesley is compelled to work for Elijah Stone (Brandon Jay McLaren) following Lopez’s rescue in Guatemala since he is in debt to him, endangering his career. Elijah Stone entrusts him with Merritt’s defense. Lopez looks into the blaze and the possible suspects, telling Nolan and Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) that numerous fires have a place in Nevada and raising the possibility that a serial killer is on the loose.

Episode 4 - Red Hot

While Nolan looks into an alleged domestic altercation in which a wife allegedly fled her husband’s home, Lopez returns to work. Later, Nolan discovers Linda Charles also known as Katerina Antonov (Kathryn Prescott) by speaking a strange language and wandering aimlessly in an alley. Nolan raises his concerns when the husband and assistant confront them with firearms. Later it is discovered that all three of them were working for the Russian government, with Linda Charles acting independently.


When Katerina Antonov loses a chip in his police cruiser, Nolan and Bailey find it, only for her to take Bailey hostage. They succeed in stopping the altercation before the F.B.I. captures Katerina Antonov. Lopez concludes that the same attacker from the previous episode was responsible for the warehouse fire. When Evers cannot find a way for Aidan Merritt to be released, Elijah Stone has Aidan Merritt assassinated as a final message to him.

Episode 5 - A.C.H.

Nolan and Harper are arresting a crazy individual in a park on Halloween in Los Angeles who appears to be a zombie. They find out that the woman used the medication Bomb-X at the hospital. Chen helps a neighbor who wants to pay more than she can afford for the services of two ghost hunters. Lopez is given the case, but Mrs. Crouch (Patricia Belcher), the victim, ultimately decides to drop it.


When Chen and Tamara Collins (Dylan Conrique) look into the purported spirits described by the ghost hunters, they find another neighbor being attacked by a stalker. Chen successfully stops him. Bradford becomes a second Bomb-X victim. To get the drug, he and Nolan had Pete Nolan (Pete Davidson), Nolan’s half-brother, wear a wire. They later find the supplier.

Episode 6 - Poetic Justice

Grey assigns Bradford the duty of persuading retired officer Jerry McGrady (Peter Onotari) to resign. Still, Bradford chooses to accompany him on patrol instead. Nolan, Harper, and Chen begin their investigation of a treasure map that Nolan and Harper discovered alongside a man.


When McGrady self-announces his retirement, the station bids him farewell. Ashley McGrady (Helena Mattsson), the daughter of McGrady, suggests to Bradford that she likes him. Nolan suspects Bailey’s lieutenant, Fred Mitchell (Michael Trucco), of being a serial killer after he finds acetone resembling that used by the killer in his garage.

Episode 7 - Fire Fight

Due to the explosion’s severe injuries, Bailey is forced to walk with crutches. After learning that Fred was a patient in a hospital in Nevada at the time of the murders, Bailey’s coworker informs Lopez, Nolan, and Harper to reopen the arson investigation. They also conclude that the real murderer attempted to frame him.


When the woman in issue acknowledges it, Bradford enters as a hitman and arrests her. Nolan is apprehended by the actual murderer, who turns out to be Marcus Vance (Christopher James Baker), a neighbor of Fred’s. In the film, Evers keeps working for Elijah Stone by smearing a witness. He then engages Marcus Vance in a cat-and-mouse game in a series of abandoned silos before escaping.

Episode 8 - Hit and Run

Lopez requests that Evers record their conversations with Elijah Stone. Still, Evers declines out of respect for client privilege and confidentiality. When Nolan and Lopez approach to speak with Marvin Reynolds (Dave Davis), a sovereign citizen, he shoots at them and flees, becoming a wanted felon. Bradford’s sister travels to Los Angeles to sell their father’s home.


While refusing to see their father, Bradford chooses to go with his sister and formally supports Nolan for a union representative. Stone is the target of Lopez’s RICO case, but Lopez discovers that Grey was informed by Evers, and they want to use Evers as an informant.

Episode 9 – Breakdown

Chen and Bradford help his sister Jenny renovate their childhood house. Bradford and Chen launch an inquiry after finding a gun in a wall. Bradford’s father allegedly used the rifle in an unsuccessful house invasion 25 years prior. The neighbor’s wife, with whom his father had an affair, admitted to having shot her husband in self-defense, and his father had assisted her in covering up the incident.


Evers’ wiretapping operation is started by Grey, but Stone blows his secret and threatens Evers’ family as a result. Later, a rival gang attacks Stone and his team, who discloses that the gang’s leader is La Fiera’s security enforcer, Abril Rodas (Gigi Zumbado). She tells Lopez not to go looking for her. Henry Nolan (Zayne Emory) is pleased when Nolan considers proposing to Bailey after having her meet him for the first time.

Episode 10 - Heart Beat

Nolan is devastated to learn that Bailey Wyler, a con man, and embezzler who recently got out of prison too soon for good behavior after abusing her psychologically. The precinct is stunned as a small plane crash on the streets, but the pilot is nowhere to be located. The aircraft owner, Levi Lincoln (Ross Partridge), was found guilty of killing his wife.


After their connection develops seriously, Bradford begs Chen for assistance training the puppy she gave him to get along with Ashley McGrady. Oscar Hutchinson (Matthew Glave) must once more be consulted by Nolan to learn more about Levi Lincoln and Jason (Steve Kazee). Nolan and Harper lead the precinct in apprehending Levi at a tiny private airstrip. Jason is confronted by Bailey, who asks that he fulfill his commitment to finally sign their divorce papers.

Episode 11 - End Game

When Grey decides to look into Jason, Nolan returns to Oscar Hutchinson for more assistance. Chen and Bradford look into the death of Becca, an 18-year-old woman who was later revealed to be Tamara’s friend. They discover she had pawned the watch in a pawn shop after stealing it from a man she met on Clip Tock. The shopkeeper also provides them with Declan’s (Gustavo Gomez) identification card, who was the murderer and a friend of Tamara and Becca.


Thorsen debates whether or not to film a reality show with his mother to share his version of Patrick Hayes’ (Timothy Taratchila) murder, but he ultimately decides to do so. Jason turned himself in and joined the police in an undercover operation against the Southern Front after Nolan and Bailey revealed his motivations to another woman. Jason tries to escape the chaos after Hutchinson tells Nolan that he pulled a double-trick, but Nolan eventually apprehends him.

Episode 12 - The Knock

The union president, lt. After being chosen as the station’s union representative, Landon Briggs (Kevin Daniels) is hostile to Nolan’s efforts to implement changes. The hand Chen and Bradford find on the beach are later identified as belonging to Mark Klinke. The latter had made it to the hospital before passing away. Devin Swaine (Jay Paulson), the C.E.O. of the biotech company where he worked, is hesitant to provide any additional information due to confidentiality.


In a last-ditch effort, his attorney seeks to gain entry to Chester Frey’s (Eugene Kim) home, the perpetrator, but Lopez objects. Grey helps Italian detective Romeo Caparelli (Federico Dordei) track down the wanted fugitive Kai Zullo (Mike Milian). He is duped by Nolan, Nolan, and Harper into arresting Zullo, which results in his own incarceration. Frey had numerous arms to test whether they might be animatedly healed.

Episode 13 - Fight or Flight

After meeting Nolan in the garage, Leo Thomas (McCarrie McCausland), 17, stole a police helicopter, which Nolan and Chen are now pursuing. When they first complete the first of Leo’s three tasks, which involves a known drug house where they apprehend the residents and take them to the hospital, he won’t let them land.


Thorsen, confident of his innocence, asks James Murray (Arjay Smith) and Wesley for help. The prison’s CCTV footage demonstrates that the prisoner stomped on the guard during the riot, and he will be detained for attempted murder. Wesley can secure legal representation for the convicted person. It gave Thorsen hope that he would be found not guilty of the officer’s murder but just charged with attempted murder.

Episode 14 - Long Shot

Skip Tracer Randy (Flula Borg) shows up at the station to speak with Nolan and Harper about a bounty on infamous Ivy Flynn (Erin Cummings), whom he sets out to apprehend by working with them. They start a sting operation where Alicia Kaufman (Meera Rohit Kumbhani), a different bounty hunter, is about to capture Flynn when she flees amid disputes amongst the four.


Wesley has joined Lopez’s new T.V. show as a legal counselor, but Kaufman’s odd behavior makes him uneasy. She tells them she had cancer before realizing she was cancer-free when they eventually locate her. She claims that her own activities are karma for those who abandoned her. When Chen tries to track down her biological father, her aunt Amy (Alexandra Bokyun Chun) reveals that he was a patient with whom her mother had an affair.

Episode 15 - Hit List

When Thorsen and Harper learn that his mother’s film crew is following them, their day in plain clothes becomes difficult. Later, he runs into the father of Patrick Hayes, the friend he was suspected of killing. After being attacked by him and being forced to arrest him, he decides to release him out of respect.


Bradford, Lucy (Melissa O’Neil), and other officers show up and capture him. Sean Delmonte (Michael Trucco) and Chris Sanford (Kanoa Goo) can escape from the female assassin before she kills them both. When Grey wakes up in a hospital, he considers retiring and does a soul search with Nolan’s assistance. He approves of Bailey’s attempt at painting a portrait of Nolan, even if she has doubts.

Episode 16 - Real Crime

When Morris Mackey (Rome Flynn), the show’s director, is killed at Thorson’s parents’ house, the reality T.V. team speaks with precinct officers about the case’s investigation. One of the suspects is Thorsen himself. The documentary also discusses his father’s unsolved murder of the other half of his rap duet.


Patrick Thorsen’s mother was in Paris at the time Patrick was killed. Still, she admits to having an affair with a French football player. The lack of focus given to further suspects in the French inquiry into Patrick’s death has drawn criticism from some French citizens. Rowan murdered Hayes for discovering and threatening to out his drug smuggling operation, and then Mackey for realizing he was responsible for the first murder.

Episode 17 - Coding

Nolan is the first person on the scene of an automobile accident in which the only occupant sustained severe injuries but is still alive. She and he converse while she passes away. He goes with her body to the hospital because she donated her organs. The victim’s heart is first being pursued by a teenager.


The hacker’s ransomware partners turn to a pure money demand when the hacker tries to free the facility. Once they are located, the police bring the hospital back to normal. After going through some difficult circumstances, Lucy decides not to help with the investigation against Rosalind when Harper shuts an open kidnapping case.

Episode 18 – Backstabbers

The squad is called in to look into a train robbery that turns deadly while stealing precious auction goods from it. Meanwhile, Officer Chen has second thoughts about serving as Sergeant Bradford’s assistant and gets frustrated when he doesn’t acknowledge her. Officer Harper makes a decision concerning her personal life that will change her life in another scene.

Episode 19 – Simone

After an incident at a nearby power plant, the F.B.I.’s L.A. division and the Mid-Wilshire police ask F.B.I. trainee Simone Clark (Niecy Nash) for assistance since one of her former classmates is being investigated for terrorism.

Episode 20 - Enervo

With the assistance of the F.B.I.’s L.A. Division, the crew attempts to stop bombs that a suspected terrorist has dispersed throughout the city. The joint task team is wary of the C.I.A.’s involvement in the matter.

Episode 21 - Mother's Day

Sergeant Grey, who volunteers to travel with Officer Nolan for the day to help him prepare, supports Officer Nolan’s desire to work as a training officer. While deciding on their plans for Mother’s Day and a romantic getaway, Tim and Lucy must manage expectations in their individual relationships.

Episode 22 - Day in The Hole

Nolan and Bailey go on a vacation to the high desert. Still, while there, he is requested to train a novice deputy sheriff, and a road stop results in a violent gang’s attempt to liberate the suspect. Back in Los Angeles, Bradford and Chen take their personal relationship to a new level as they go undercover to halt a drug organization. They learn about when they follow and apprehend a courier who is precisely like Bradford.

The Rookie Quick Facts

  • a U.S. police procedural television program 
  • made by Alexi Hawley for A.B.C.
  • produced by A.B.C. Studios and Entertainment One
  • based on real-life Los Angeles Police Department officer William Norcross
  • renewed for a fourth season in May 2021
  • premiered on September 26, 2021
  • concluded on May 15, 2022

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