Nicki Minaj Throws Shade At Kanye West During Her Festival Set

Nicki Minaj Throws Shade At Kanye West During Her Festival Set

The Yeezy designer has a strained relationship with yet another rapper.

During her headlining performance at the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans on Friday, Nicki Minaj has something to say to her old friend, Kanye West.

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After telling her DJ to halt playing her and West’s collaboration “Monster,” Minaj made the following remarks: “Hold up! A monster, though! A monster, though! But we don’t f**k with clowns.”

After delivering those words, she suddenly altered the subject, stating that instead of singing the song, she wanted to give a shout-out to New Orleans and subsequently sang her line from Birdman’s song “YU MAD” after that, according to NME News.

As of the time of this writing, it is unknown why she did that or removed the song from her setlist. The livestream of the Essence festival in New Orleans on Hulu was similarly edited to exclude her performance.

During an interview with The Shade Room back in 2019, the Trinidadian-born rapper addressed the much awaited “New Body” collaboration with West. However, she claimed that the two of them didn’t have the same viewpoint on it.

“What’s funny is that I did a song with Kanye, that he now wants to transform into a gospel song. I done wrote three different verses chile, and I don’t know. We ain’t seeing eye to eye on it,” she told the publication.

“I don’t know, but of course, I love and respect Kanye, and Kim, we’ll see what happens with that.”

She provided fans an update on the song they’d been working on in February and revealed that tension had developed when Ye demanded that she rewrite her verse four times to fit into his artistic and spiritual direction, only for her to subsequently discover him on Drink Champs online.

Reactions to Nicki Minaj Throws Shade At Kanye West During Her Festival Set

I see why Kanye dont be clearing the songs he do with Nicki Minaj & I also see why he turned down that Fendi collaboration deal with her. Nicki is too much drama. Now she's calling Ye a clown just bc he worked with Cardi. Sis just be happy that he did Monster with u & move on


nicki minaj calling kanye a clown but her husband was convicted of a sex crime lmfaooooo


I been knew Kanye was a clown when he didn’t release New Body with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign #essencefestival


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