Viral Video Of A Birthday Celebration Disrupted By “Wildest Bar Fight”

Viral Video Of A Birthday Celebration Disrupted By “Wildest Bar Fight’

An unexpected incident happened to a man celebrating his birthday when it was disrupted by a dramatic brawl between two men

At a birthday celebration, there is nothing else one looks forward to but enjoying the moment of adding another one to your age. However, in this situation, the celebration was derailed by an unexpected incident.
In the viral video shows the argument between two men a few meters away from the birthday celebrant. Then, after the staff set the celebrant’s ice cream down in a split second, two guys are seen sprawled across their table, spilling food in the process.

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As the two men fight on camera, angry, another man can hear profanity-filled statements and a third tossing what appears to be a piece of outdoor furniture at one of the two males. The text on the screen reads, “Birthday Celebrations x Wildest Bar Incident,” with a pin indicating the fight took place in New York.

The viral video on Twitter gained more than 9.5 million views and 266.7 thousand likes. And Twitter users saw the funny side despite the fight that happened in the video.

“This the most normal thing u gonna see in NYC this far from weird,” replied a user from a tweet, “The weirdest sh*t happens in NYC.”

One user was concerned if the celebrant got a replacement dessert after the men spilled their food, saying, “Did he get a replacement dessert at least?” another user wrote, “Bro, why push him into the birthday milkshake.” 

Some showed concern for the milkshake that spilled; a user shared her point of view if ever she were the celebrant, “I simply would’ve broke down crying as soon as my sundae was knocked over lmao”

Reactions to Viral Video Of A Birthday Celebration Disrupted By “Wildest Bar Fight”

I just know the guy in blue was a beast in dodgeball


i woulda been pissed idc so gone ahead & bring me another one that


In front of my ice cream???


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