How Did Graham Elliot Lose Weight? Sleeve & Exercise


Chefs have a shared love and passion for food, and they can't help but indulge themselves occasionally.

Graham Elliot, a chef, restaurateur, and reality television personality, first became well-known in the culinary world as a three-time James Beard Award nominee.

He made history in 2004 when he was named one of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs,” making him the country’s youngest chef to gain four stars from a reputable journal.

Graham’s participation in “Iron Chef” and “Top Chef Masters” also served as a platform for his television career. It subsequently led to his being appointed as a judge for the first six seasons of “American MasterChef” and its spinoff, “MasterChef Junior.”

He weighed 400 pounds at the time as a result of his love and passion for food, which made it challenging for him to play with his kids, get in and out of his car, or tie his shoes. He made the decision to lose weight rapidly and effortlessly as a result of these considerations.

Graham Elliot's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Graham’s successful weight loss:

  • He underwent sleeve gastrectomy to immediately lose weight
  • He does several preparations before the surgery
  • He switched to a 1000-calorie diet that consists of broth and protein drinks

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What weight-loss method did Graham Elliot use?

Graham has always been upfront about the precise method he uses to swiftly reduce weight: a sleeve gastrectomy performed at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

According to Mayo Clinic, the said surgery is “typically performed laparoscopically, which involves inserting small instruments through multiple small incisions in the upper abdomen.”

“During sleeve gastrectomy, about 80% of the stomach is removed, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana.”

In a 2020 interview with PEOPLE, the chef discussed it in further detail and recounted his experiences, stating, “Because of my line of work, the doctor specifically thinks this is the surgery best suited for me.”

“With gastric bypass and other surgeries, there’s some ingredients you can’t eat because it will cause you to get sick. This procedure will allow me to still taste and try everything.”

Having thought about it for years, he explained why he had decided to do it at last with the help of his doctor. “It was a relief that somebody was helping me make this decision and stick with it,” he continued.

“It’s like I’m somebody who is way past their prime, and that shouldn’t be the case at 36. Throw in gout and high blood pressure and the history of strokes and heart attacks in my family … this is something that has to happen.”

What steps did Graham Elliot take to prepare for his weight-loss surgery?

Graham described the preparations he made for his significant weight loss operation as horrible in the same interview, and he did not feel compelled to hide any details about it.

He recalled talking to a nutritionist and psychologist at the time, who suggested that he switch to a 1,000-calorie diet mainly consisting of broth and protein drinks.

“I’m used to eating four times the amount. I’m tired and cranky, but at the same time, I’m more focused and driven than I’ve ever been.”

How is Graham Elliot doing nine months after his sleeve gastrectomy?

In a separate interview with PEOPLE, Graham said he had shed an incredible 147 pounds, despite anticipating it would take two or three years. He even said that he had estimated losing 60 to 70 pounds in the first year.

He additionally claimed that his personality has changed, indicating that he is now more assertive but in a positive way.

“I’m still the comedian, but in meetings, I’m a little more in command and not afraid that if I say something wrong, someone is going to call me fat. And really, that’s what has taken control of my life since high school.”

What other weight-loss or weight-maintenance measures does Graham Elliot take besides having a sleeve gastrectomy?

Graham Elliot appears to be really committed to changing to a healthier lifestyle after undergoing major weight loss surgery. The television personality now includes working out at least every other day.

In a previous interview with the publication, Graham stated that starting to run is his main goal and that he is pretty eager to put in long treadmill runs.

Now, he can finally complete a 5-mile run, and at that point, he demands that seaweed chips, dried fruit, and almonds be served in his dressing room on the MasterChef set, which he was filming at that time, rather than the typical sweets.

“In the past, I would get stressed and ask craft services for cookies and candy,” he remarked. “But now I know my stomach is the size of a banana, and I need to have food that just gives me energy.”

“So I can either have a moment of sweetness but feel really bad, or I can order something delicious and light like sashimi.”

What drives Graham Elliot to start taking care of his health and weight?

Graham’s family is what drives him in all of these efforts to be in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“My sons are very happy that I m going to be able to play with them like my 61-year-old Dad,” he commented before undergoing his physical transformation. “He s a fit guy who likes to wrestle with my kids.”

And now that he has succeeded, the chef is able to wear a size 36 pants, travel without a seatbelt extender, and stop using the sleep apnea equipment that he has had to use since 2005.

“That’s life-changing,” he told the publication. “It was like being chained to the bed — not being able to lean over and hug [my wife] Allie or snuggle with my kids because I have a huge mask on my face.”

“Once my machine broke, and I had to stay up for 48 hours because I physically couldn’t sleep for five minutes without gasping for air.”

Last but not least, he mentioned how happy his three boys, Mylo, Conrad, and Jedidiah, are about the rewards his weight loss journey has brought him.

“At my son Mylo’s birthday in January, we were all running around playing tag with his friends,” he recalled. “He was telling them, ‘My Dad is the fastest one here. He can beat us in a race.’ That was awesome!”

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