Nurse Experienced Backlash After Creating TikTok About Her One Patient Dying

Nurse Experienced Backlash After Creating TikTok About Her One Patient Dying

After one of her patients passed away, a nurse recorded herself grieving and posted the video online, drawing criticism from viewers.

Although grieving for someone who has recently passed away may be understandable, viewers of the video believe it is inappropriate to record it. She received criticism as a result, and she later deleted the video.
In the now-deleted video, Olivia Tyler (@olivia_tylerr33) is seen walking in what appears to be a hospital corridor while dressed in scrubs and placing her hands on her forehead to try and gather herself.

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The caption on the screen says, “Lost a patient today,” while pacing to the wall. She then leaned back against it, pulled off her face mask, and stared down at the ground while leaning on her legs for support. During the clip, Unstoppable by Sia was playing.

Another text appeared on the video saying, “Shake [it] off, you have 5 more hours.” 

Due to the backlash, Olivia removed the video, and her account disappeared. But, the video was reposted via Twitter by user Nikki (@ateenyalien)

However, TikTok is still used in duets, as several users parodied Olivia’s video. For instance, a TikToker, Luke Cook, roasted Olivia by impersonating the coworker who recorded her tearjerker.
Brody Wellmaker (@brodywellmaker), another TikToker, duetted Cook’s video in which he posed as another nurse who interrupted the two people filming.

The majority of the users on Twitter find the video cringing and inappropriate. And some shared their quips about the clip.

“Let me set up the camera so I can cry,” a user replied below the tweet, while the other user said, “I wonder how many takes it took to get just right.”

“Great blocking and camera work to stay right in the middle of the shot even in the throes of grief,” another user wrote.

The posted video on Twitter garnered 14.6 million views with 20.9 thousand likes.

Reactions to Nurse Experienced Backlash After Creating TikTok About Her One Patient Dying

Just added to my advance directive: Thou shall not let healthcare workers make Tik Toks after I flatlined


The other nurses standing in the hallway waiting for her to finish


Dead lord! Please when I die don’t use my death for clout on tick-tock please. Embarrassing


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