How Did Holly Hagan Lose Weight?

Holly Hagan Before and After Weight Loss

You won't believe that despite consuming more carbohydrates, this reality star managed to lose weight.

Holly Hagan, an English television personality from “Thornaby-on-Tees,” is also a model and an author. She is perhaps best known for being one of the original cast members of the MTV show “Geordie Shore.”

Holly, who has been referred to as “the fat one” during her tenure on the program, has spoken up about her weight loss struggle in a few of her interviews, claiming that she began doing so in her late teens.

True enough, prior to being married to Jacob Blyth in Ibiza, she recently made headlines for her weight loss, which she did in order to fit into her wedding gown.

Holly Hagan's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Holly’s successful weight loss:

  • She claimed fitness company Real Life Health and Fitness helped her to lose weight
  • She consumed five substantial meal each day
  • Her exercise routines include jogging, aerobics, and weightlifting
  • She maintained her weight by doing calorie deficits
  • She has her own Fat Loss Fitness Plan that she created with her trainer Tyler Kane

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Holly Hagan has struggled with being overweight since she was young.

In one of her Instagram postings, Holly discussed her effort to lose weight while also outlining the struggles she had faced, particularly when she was younger.

“Most of you will of followed my journey, being “the fat one” from Geordie Shore. The majority of my late teens was spent trying desperately to lose weight for the approval of others,” she began her post.

“My reason.. if all everyone calls me is fat maybe if I’m slim they’ll stop…. it wasn’t until years later I realised it didn’t matter what weight I was the trolls were going to find something to call me. My weight was never the issue, they were the issue. But by then the damage was done.”

She also claimed that she had tried every single diet trend she could think of, throughout the course of her life, in the pursuit of the ultimate weight-loss solution, including cayenne pepper, teas, coffees, carb blockers, and nothing but water.

Since none of these were successful, she moved on to the next step, which involved making herself ill, fat freezing, and even considering risking her life on an operating table since she thought there was no other way to lose weight.

“I just wanted the abuse to stop. But it didn’t stop it went from “fat slag” to “too much surgery looked better before” “you’re the reason our children feel under pressure to get surgery” “what has she done to herself she looks horrendous “… you can’t abuse someone for the way they look for 8 years and then be shocked when they succumb to the pressure,” she continued.

Holly is still unhappy despite having surgery, and she is gaining weight without being able to control it. She also had feelings of laziness, worry, and exhaustion until she encountered Real Life Health and Fitness, who assisted her in beginning her weight loss journey and shedding several pounds.

How did the fitness company "Real Life Health and Fitness" help Holly Hagan lose weight?

Holly said in the same Instagram post that the fitness company forced her to consume more food than she had ever consumed by making her eat five substantial meals each day. She consumed everything, including bread and coco pops, and nothing was off-limits.

She worked hard to train after that, which she documented on her social media. The reality star may be seen performing exercises including jogging, aerobics, and weightlifting. She claims that consistency is all that is necessary.

“I couldn’t believe I looked like that when I seen the photos (keep in mind I am tensing and posing) but I couldn’t even do 1 press up and now I can do 20 🤯,” she remarked at that time.

“I feel so determined to be the best version of me. Who has a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Who doesn’t just go to the gym to try and lose weight but to improve fitness and health. I finally feel in control. For me and nobody else.”

Holly Hagan revealed that she is losing more weight despite eating more carbs.

It might be frightening to eat extra carbohydrates, and most people believe that they are bad for you if you’re attempting to lose weight. Holly, however, demonstrated that it is possible to lose weight while eating more carbohydrates.

Holly continued her weight loss journey, still with the help of “Real Life Health and Fitness” in 2020, and proved that eating carbs is something we should not be afraid of.

In a separate Instagram post showing her before and after body, the television personality can be seen slimmer than her previous body. “I’m simply showing my results from 12 weeks hard work at the gym,” she wrote.

She went on to say that she lost 16 pounds in just 12 weeks and credited the training center for the change in her body. Holly can now do full press-ups, heavy weightlifting, and complete confidence in any gym. In addition, she was still able to lose weight while eating more carbs.

“Daily pancakes and cocopops, potatoes, rice EVERYTHING! I’ve spent my entire life crash dieting, starving, binging, making myself ill when I didn’t need to.”

Holly Hagan didn't restrict her intake of sweets because doing so would increase her cravings.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Holly is one of those people who stopped going to the gym since we are all not allowed to go out. Still, this didn’t stop her from continuing to achieve her health goals.

She started maintaining her weight by doing calorie deficits and engaging in regular exercise, specifically, her own Fat Loss Fitness Plan that she created with her trainer Tyler Kane.

“No gym throughout lockdown 1 so I was just making sure I was on the bike each day. Then lockdown two came and we created live subs which has been a god send,” she shared to her followers at that time.

Additionally, the model said that she still enjoys indulgences and didn’t let her fitness goals stop her, stating, “I’ve done the whole ‘let’s only eat chicken rice and veg and be super healthy and clean’ type diet and failed miserably each and every time.”

“Want to know why? Because it’s not realistic to the everyday person. We live stressful lives, and eating “healthy” is subjective.”

“I know if I cut out all chocolate and biscuits, I would then end up craving them and, leading to a huge binge which could then trigger my bulimia,” she explained. “THAT would not be healthy. So by, allowing myself the foods I enjoy will still allow me to reach my goals.”

“I’m not eating for optimal health and performance. I’m not an athlete. I’m eating to enjoy a balanced lifestyle with everything I love and enjoy, which does include a mix of everything.”

Holly Hagan gave fans a 2022 update about her weight loss journey.

Holly recently revealed how she lost more than 18 pounds in only 18 weeks. She shared a graph on her Instagram story demonstrating how she began her weight reduction journey in December and steadily lost 1 lb per week for a total of 18 weeks.

She detailed, “Today I hit my goal!!! 18lb down in 10weeks!” in a screenshot that The Sun was able to obtain. “Some weeks I lost 1lb some weeks I didn’t lose at all.”

“For 4 weeks I stayed the same but I kept going. I ate what I wanted and didn’t step foot in the gym more than a handful of times.”

She went on to say that her wedding dress did not fit her, which was why she needed to reduce the 18 pounds she had acquired during the holiday season. Despite this, she was aware of the necessity for a calorie deficit and exercise.

“What I will say though is that being slimmer and leaner doesn’t mean I am at my peak health and fitness,” she noted. “I was WAY stronger 18lb heavier and I would say I preferred the way I felt in the gym at that time.”

She concluded her statement by saying that thinness, health, or fitness aren’t mutually exclusive and that it is all about balance.

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