Karen Spotted: Woman Tries To Reserve Parking Spot, Gets Booed

Karen Spotted Woman Tries To Reserve Parking Spot, Gets Booed

In a viral video of a woman getting made fun of by a mob for making a parking reservation in a congested lot in Long Beach, California

“Karen” is a derogatory term to describe an annoying, irate, entitled, and frequently racist middle-aged white woman. Most of the time, they are who utilize their privilege to get their way or restrict the actions of others.

In the video, a Karen was spotted standing in a parking spot with a line of cars in front of her. The line behind starting to get long, resulting in the crowd mocking her.

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The follow-up video shows that the woman finally gives up trying to reserve the spot; she talks to the car in front of him before walking away. Her giving middle finger was also seen in the video.

“Justice is served!” a man in the background. Other people are heard cheering as well.

The first video is more than 2.6 million views, while the follow-up video has 1.7 views. TikTok users comment on the video regarding the behavior shown by a spotted Karen.

“How do people do this type of stuff and have literally everyone around them tell them they’re wrong and still do it with pride,” a user wrote.

Another user wrote, pointing out the crowd, “The people at the restaurant! No parking, no peace.” adding a laughing emoji at the end. Also, a user shares her quip about a Karen, “The haircut says it all.”

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