Viral Video: Protesters Perform Stunts On The Sri Lankan PM’s Bed As A “WWE Ring”

Viral Video Protesters Perform Stunts On The Sri Lankan PM's Bed As A WWE Ring

The protesters had taken over the prime minister’s property even after he offered to resign.

After months of angry protests calling for their resignation amid a dire economic crisis, protesters in Sri Lanka are now occupying the residences of the president and prime minister. They continue to come up with creative methods to amuse themselves.
Another video showing them mock-playing wrestling on what appears to be the Prime Minister’s bed is amusing to social media users. After videos of them swimming in the pool, dining in the kitchen, and working out in the gym at the Presidential palace went viral.

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In a video released by Twitter user “Sri Lanka Tweet,” a group of young guys can be seen staging a pretend to fight on a bed inside the Prime Minister’s residence.

The protesters can be seen dressing up as professional wrestlers and trying out antics on each other in a brief video edited to background commentary from a wrestling match.
The video posted on Twitter by Sri Lanka Tweet has more than 1.1 million views and 13.3 thousand like. The users on Twitter find the video hilarious, and some share their quips.

One user says, “I thought this was a NO DQ match until the guy with the stick started counting.” The other says, “Nice voice dubbing.”

“And these are the ones being blamed for torching PM’s residence,” a user wrote; another user replied below, “*Peoples residence. What those leaders have done to the common people is unimaginable.”

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#SriLankaCrisis this is the power of public


This is some legendary stuff😂😂


There was even a wrestling match 😂


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