How Did Chelsea Houska Lose Weight? Special Products She Uses

Chelsea Houska's weight loss caused concerns to some of her fans

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has lost weight over the past years, and her fans have quickly noticed. However, some were concerned by her drastic weight loss. This comes after she posted on her Instagram in 2019, wherein she told her followers she’s been working out to improve her mental health.

Chelsea first rose to prominence on the reality television shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, which chronicled all the turmoil involving her ex, Adam Lind, who had numerous drug and legal problems. In January 2018, he lost custody of his daughter, Aubree, after testing positive for meth.

Chelsea, a native of South Dakota, married Cole DeBoer in 2016. Outside of the show, she works as a beautician and an entrepreneur. Going back to her weight loss journey, the TV personality used Profile by Sanford after her pregnancies to cut down pounds.

In her Instagram post, she wrote: “I’m happiest when I’m healthiest, that’s why I’m SO excited to continue my Profile journey. There have been so many new products at @Profile_Sanford it’s hard to keep up! Umm Profile Ice Cream? Where have you been all my life?! Let’s do this together!!”

The Teen Mom 2 star is still a brand ambassador. She frequently posts photos of herself with Profile products on Instagram. Her weight loss is apparent in the images that she shared. But then, others were concerned that she was getting thinner.

One fan said Chelsea “keeps getting skinnier.” Yet, another one defended the reality star and noted it’s because of “what she’s wearing and how she’s posing that makes her look so slim. She looks great, and I’m sure she works really hard to look so good.”

Chelsea Houska's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Chelsea’s successful weight loss:

  • She used Profile by Sandford to cut down pounds after her pregnancies
  • She followed a healthy eating plane and regularly met with her health coach
  • She avoided junk foods and eat more healthy meals

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Chelsea Houska shared how she found Profile and how it worked for her

Chelsea wondered what her friends had been doing to look good and stay healthy as she prepared for her wedding. She soon discovered that the other mamas were having success with the Profile Plan and decided to try it herself.

She joined Profile, followed the healthy eating plan, and regularly met with her health coach. She lost 50 pounds in time for her wedding – thanks to a successful weight loss strategy. She became a fan of the program right away.

“I was feeling great, had more energy than ever, and couldn’t have been happier,” the reality star said via Profile. “I felt amazing in my wedding dress and proud that I had done that for myself.”

According to Chelsea, the program is simple. Once you get over the first few weeks, she claimed, it becomes simple. She began experimenting with different recipes and gravitated toward healthy options in her home rather than junk food.

“Now it’s instilled in my choices,” Chelsea noted. “It’s not like I choose a bowl of pasta now. I always choose the healthier option. It’s a habit.”

The reality personality added that going through a process that promotes healthy eating and lifestyle changes helps people to lose weight. But she made it clear that it’s not just about losing weight; it’s about going through the stages and keeping it off.

Chelsea has continued to live a healthy lifestyle due to her weight loss journey. She claimed that sticking with it had been simple for her. She has maintained the habits after completing the program. Although some are concerned, she seemed to have opted for a healthier way to lose weight.

How Chelsea Houska maintained a healthy weight while pregnant

When Chelsea became pregnant for the third time, she used Profile’s MOM Program. She would follow a personalized meal plan and attend regular sessions with a MOM-certified coach to ensure she got the nutrients she needed to stay healthy.

“I felt amazing during my third pregnancy,” Chelsea said. “I was healthy, and it was just an enjoyable experience.”

Throughout her journey, the program helped her stay responsible and in good health. Her doctor was pleased that she was doing it. The young mother wanted to feel well and have more energy knowing that she would have two children under the age of two after the arrival of her kid.

Chelsea was once again following her MOM meal plan when she was expecting her fourth child. She expressed gratitude for the meal plan and Profile products that help her stay on track. The TV personality is excited about the future and becoming a healthier mother to her four children. 

What are Chelsea Houska's favorite foods and recipes?

Chelsea knows what food she likes and has a few go-to favorites around the house to help her stay healthy. Her favorite morning treat is a coffee and chocolate brownie shake. Her favorite products are wafer bars and pizza crust.

Chelsea’s favorite recipes from Profile include the big mac salad, egg roll in a bowl, and Thai lettuce wraps. She likes how the healthy eating advice can be applied to her regular lifestyle. She can make healthy food adjustments to almost any dish.

“I try to cook healthy for the whole family, but even if I decide to do something like spaghetti, I’ll save a side of the meat and sauce and have it with zucchini noodles. I have found there is always a way to incorporate healthy eating with almost anything,” she said.

Chelsea Houska shares advice with everyone who wants to go on a weight loss journey

Chelsea had to decide whether or not she wanted to share her Profile journey once the program began to work in her life. After seeing positive results, she shared her success with her fans. She wanted to be honest about what she was doing in the hopes that it may benefit someone else.

“If a woman is confident with how they are, I am obsessed with that. But if they’re not feeling like their best self and want to lose weight, I love sharing what was helpful for me. And now I get messages from women saying, ‘I lost 30lbs!’ and they’re just so proud of themselves and thankful to me for sharing. That feels so good,” the reality star added.

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