Lebron James Reacts Hilariously To Steph Curry’s Viral Celebration

Lebron James Reacts Hilariously To Steph Curry’s Viral Celebration

A young player has imitated NBA great Stephen Curry’s recent celebration, which made waves in the sports world.

Curry performed a “Night Night” celebration throughout the playoffs every time he was about to defeat his opponent. Since then, the celebration has gained popularity and can be seen in all sports at the professional and youth levels.

A young hooper recently elevated Curry’s celebration, which caused it to go viral. This player splashed a baseline jumper and lay down on the court, going beyond the “Night Night” gesture.

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While Steph acknowledges that the celebration was spontaneous during the playoffs and not planned, it has gained popularity across all sports. After Steph shared his answer to the popular video, LeBron James responded shortly:

Curry was blamed for initiating a new trend when LeBron tweeted to Curry, “You see what you started.” Basketball stars have divided opinions on the issue, but what mattered most was that Curry took delight in the imitation.

The video “The Warrior Talks” garnered more than 4 million views on Twitter and 27.2 likes. Most replies below the tweet find it hilarious; some shared their quips.

A user wrote, “This is how Curry should be doing it next season!” while another user replied, “I’d cry my eyes out if he actually did this in a game. It would be the ultimate disrespect 😭”

Another reply said, “He did it better than Curry😂”

Young players will indeed strive to emulate Curry in as many ways as they can, even in celebrations, as the type of player he is.

Reactions to Lebron James Reacts Hilariously To Steph Curry’s Viral Celebration

nah is this how i look when i laugh at every joke attempt that lando made


Deymn kiddo, putting them to sleep 😴 Night! Night! @StephenCurry30


😂😂😂😂😂The disrespect!


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