After Viral Video Showed Its Mascot Refusing To High-Five Two Young Black Girls, Sesame Place Apologized


Park officials have refuted a mother’s claims that her children were ignored by mascot Rosita and called the incident a misunderstanding.

Social media is raging over a video showing a beloved Sesame Street character ignoring two Black girls on Sunday at the well-known Middletown amusement park.

In the video, two young women with pink and blue backpacks waited patiently as “Rosita” approached. The smaller girl with a blue bag is reaching out for a hug, then as the Rosita Mascot draws near, the other girl in the pink backpack extends her hand.

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In a parade, it shows the mascot striding down the street while giving high-fives to two people who look to be a white child and an adult.

She glances into the crowd and shakes her finger in a “no” motion before the character reaches the girls. She then appears to gaze at the girls and makes another “no” sign with her hand and head.

Additionally, officials adamantly refuted claims of racism made by the mother of the two girls, who said it was to blame for the offense.

However, on Sunday, Sesame Place posted a message on its Instagram account denying that the snub was intended. As part of their commitment to “inclusivity and equality in all forms,” they also note that the park and its owners “do not allow any misbehavior.”

Sesame Workshop, which licenses the well-known characters to the park, sent a Tweet on Monday night condemning the incident and restating that its goal is to assist kids in becoming smarter, stronger, and kinder.”

The children’s mother said on social media that she had asked to talk with a representative from the park but that no one had contacted her. She further claimed that the park official ignored her after she asked to speak to them at the event on Sunday.

The woman, who has requested a public apology, described the Sesame Place statement as an effort on the part of the park to “save their appearance and reputation.”

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This is so dispicable, disgusting, sad and unacceptable! @SesamePlace needs to account for this! Employee should be fired and little girls should be be compensated! 😡

It's not funny it's disrespectful and rude @sesamestreet and black people you guys have been spending Millions on their for products. On Disney products. These companies don't care about Black children.

Their little disappointed faces 😭This some straight up bull🤬 #FireThatFurTrash