How Did Charlotte Dawson Lose Weight? Incredible 42 Pounds Lost


Charlotte Dawson started to lose weight after a health scare

Charlotte Dawson has successfully improved her health and shed four stone (56 pounds) in the process. The reality star was warned that if she didn’t make significant lifestyle changes, she would “die like her dad,” comedian Les Dawson, who passed away from a heart attack.

After displaying her rolls of belly fat and gushing about her love of chips and gravy, Charlotte garnered more fans. However, her carefree attitude cost her more than just a few extra clothing sizes. The doctor warned her that if she didn’t follow her diet and exercise routine, she would develop type II diabetes.

In fact, the reality star has already battled gestational diabetes, which affects one in every twenty pregnant women. The situation fueled her determination to make the necessary changes. In an interview with Fabulous, she discussed her journey to a healthy lifestyle.

“When I had Noah, I was so excited to eat bad food again and went back to having Nutella for breakfast, a chippy for lunch, and Chinese for dinner,” Charlotte said and added, “I’d get extra, extra-large portions of fish and chips with two portions of gravy, mushy peas and a sausage on the side.”

The reality star thought it was not normal, but she was breastfeeding and needed food. If she were hungover, she’d have three takeaways in a day, such as McDonald’s for breakfast, KFC for lunch, and chips for dinner. Everything changed when the doctor advised her to care more for her health.

“But in June, I started to feel a bit dizzy, so I went to the doctor, and when I was given the diabetes warning, I burst out crying,” she shared.

Charlotte Dawson began prioritizing her health more

Charlotte tried going to the gym, but she found the activity tedious and time-consuming—especially given that she was also a mother to Noah, who was 11 months old at the time. She said she didn’t have time to go on the cross-trainer for two hours.

Instead, Charlotte consulted with fitness instructor Emma Teitelbaum, who provided her with various workout programs through Zoom. She could work the routines around Noah’s nap time because they were only 15 minutes long. She also changed her diet with the help of nutritionist Jo Travers.

“She sorted my diet with foods that don’t spike my blood sugars. I’ve still been eating meals I love, like spaghetti Bolognese, but the portion sizes are a lot smaller so I can stay within 1,500 calories,” the reality star further explained.

The lifestyle changes were successful, and she soon settled into a routine while still enjoying the occasional treat. She added that the exercise fits into her lifestyle. And while the food she consumes has changed, she loves every bit of it.

“I’ve been given the all-clear by the doctors now, which is amazing.”

The actress is now looking to help people lose weight by starting her own online exercise program, Chazza’s Belleh Blaster. She clarified that this has nothing to do with money or the number of plans she sells. She established this to spread awareness about diabetes.

Charlotte Dawson's Weight-Loss Tricks

The main keys to Charlotte’s successful weight loss  are:

  • Incorporating a workout that fit into her schedule as a mom
  • 15-minute Zoom exercises
  • Portion control with meals (still ate spaghetti, but small portions)

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Charlotte Dawson slams people who criticize and question her weight loss

Charlotte has responded to rumors that her incredible weight loss is a sham after sharing a stunning bikini selfie on her Instagram account. She was forced to call out others on social media who claimed she was faking her weight loss.

The reality star has been posting pictures from her fitness journey. Since then, some harsh followers have criticized her progress. Yet, she didn’t let the negativity affect her. Instead, she posted a photo of herself, noting: “Honestly, some people just don’t know the meaning of the word be kind, do they?”

In the picture that she posted, she was wearing a high-legged bikini. She also wrote in the caption, “Some silly chuff Ed’s are saying it’s makeup that’s making me look slimmer lolz. If only darlings – I’d never take me Makey off!!”

Charlotte added, “So Ere you are – Chazza in a bikini with a stripped back, totally makeup-free look. Now tell me I look 3 Stone heavier!” And rather than dwelling on the harsh comments against her, she’s focusing on Chazza’s Belleh Blaster to help others regain their true weight.

In addition, she shut down rumors claiming that she had surgery to achieve her weight loss. She hits back on her Instagram story, saying she was “honestly heartbroken by the negativity and disgusting comments” she’s getting.

She also made it clear that she had never had surgery in her life. The harsh comments didn’t stop her from documenting her weight loss journey. She wanted to inspire everyone with her story and want them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Charlotte Dawson shows off her 3 stone (42 pounds) weight loss in a gorgeous co-ord while on vacation in Dubai

On a family vacation to Dubai in March 2022, Charlotte looked amazing while flaunting her weight loss in a red and white patterned co-ord. She was dressed in a long-sleeved crop top, highlighting her toned stomach and cleavage.

The reality star matched it with a coordinating maxi skirt with a daringly high cut to show off her tanned legs. She stood barefoot for the numerous photographs with her son Noah on the beach before switching into a pair of beige sliders.

Charlotte captioned the photo, “Ooohhh, I’m gonna miss the Dubai sexeh sunsets. Obsessed with my outfit @beachcafeuk but typical Chaz, she forgets to take her tag out.”

The snaps were taken after she revealed that she was in the best shape of her life. Charlotte has been very open when it comes to her weight loss journey. In fact, she’s been posting before and after pictures that showed her progress. She encouraged her fans to flaunt their bodies, regardless of size.

In one of the images, she showed off her curves in a bikini with a strapless top and matching bottoms in the before picture. The after photo was taken after she had undergone a dramatic weight loss. She posed confidently with her hand on her hip while donning a cut-out bikini.