What Happened in The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8? (Full Recap)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 aired from November 8, 2015, to April 10, 2016, on Bravo TV. The reality series consisted of 21 episodes. Five of the regular cast members returned to the program. Along with that, a new face has been introduced.

The renewal of the eighth installment was announced in June 2015. Then, in September of the same year, the trailer and the official cast list were unveiled. The majority of filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The production started in August 2015 and concluded in December 2015.

Cast and Overview of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8

NeNe Leakes departed the show shortly after season 7 to concentrate on other business endeavors. The reality series became the first in the Real Housewives franchise to not feature any of the original cast members on a full-time basis.

Aside from Nene, Claudia Jordan was also not returning to the program. She was fired after allegedly refusing to be demoted to a recurring role. Also, Demetria McKinney didn’t come back as a recurring cast member.

Meanwhile, Porsha Williams has returned to being a full-time housewife, and Kim Fields was introduced. Shereé Whitfield, who departed from The Real Housewives of Atlanta in season 4, returned in a recurring capacity.

In season 8, Kandi Burruss receives good news about her pregnancy, while Cynthia Bailey gets terrible news about a viral video. Kenya Moore, who lives on the same block as Shereè, begins the construction of her home. She also seeks the assistance of newcomer Kim with her television pilot, Life Twirls On.

Phaedra Parks adjusts to being a single mother as Apollo Nida serves his prison sentence. Porsha introduces her new boyfriend, Duke, to other ladies. Following a rift in their friendship from the previous season, Kandi and Phaedra get together to discuss their problems.

After having issues in their personal relationships, Cynthia and Porsha get into a violent brawl during a day on a boat. The housewives travel to Miami with Cynthia’s friend Tammy McCall, who has butted heads with Shereé in the past.

Kenya is accused of stirring up trouble during the trip, leaving Kim feeling uneasy. Two of the women return to Atlanta while Porsha pursues a new boyfriend. After the vacation, Kandi collaborates on music with a friend, formerly recurring cast member Demetria.

Kenya tries to get back together with her family while visiting Detroit. Phaedra organizes a trip to Washington DC for her Save Our Sons charity and invites some of the ladies. Kandi seeks another business deal involving Todd Tucker. NeNe comes back to make amends with Cynthia.

Except for Kandi, the women travel to Jamaica for a vacation and to film Cynthia’s eyewear commercial, in which Kim serves as director. Everyone is surprised when NeNe shows up. Still, in Jamaica, Cynthia and Kenya are at odds about some alleged remarks made by the latter.

Kenya spends some time alone with her new partner, Matt. Cynthia is forced to intervene due to a disagreement between Kim and Kenya over something the latter has said. Back in Atlanta, Phaedra prepares a trip with her sons to see Apollo for the first time since he was imprisoned.

Kandi is unsure who she can trust as federal officers arrive at her home in pursuit of Apollo’s assets. Porsha takes the initial steps toward protecting her fertility. Previously unseen season footage of Porsha getting into another physical brawl outside of the season finale is revealed during the reunion.

Episode 1 - "The Shades of It All"

In the premiere, Kandi and Todd receive exciting news. Cynthia’s life is turned upside down by a viral video. At the same time, she hosts a celebration for her eyeglasses line. Porsha’s boyfriend pays a visit, while Phaedra gets used to being a single parent.

Episode 2 - "Duking It Out"

Kenya sought advice on her TV pilot from the newest housewife, actress-director Kim Fields. Cynthia is having trouble with a controversial viral video issue. Porsha reveals her new boyfriend during a surprise party. Kandi works to repair her friendship with Phaedra.

Episode 3 - "Party in a Sweatbox"

After a heated argument during Cynthia’s launch party, Kenya makes an effort to patch things with Sheree. Phaedra and Kandi have different opinions on their friendship. Kim Fields finally gets to meet the remaining ladies. Kenya throws a party to celebrate the launch of her hair-care line.

Episode 4 - "Rocky Boat Horror Story"

Kenya pays Chateau Sheree an unexpected visit and is shocked by what she finds. Cynthia approaches Kandi about her marriage. Kenya arranges a boat trip for the ladies, but Cynthia and Porsha’s arguments cause trouble.

Episode 5 - "Where is the Love Boat?"

A confrontation between Cynthia and Porsha intensifies during a booze cruise. The group continues arguing about what happened back on land. Kandi visits the doctor and receives distressing news, and the ladies try to band together.

Episode 6 - "Bienvenido a Miami"

Porsha and Kenya decide to make up for their previous outing by organizing a girls’ trip to Miami. The former rents a yacht for everyone to spend the day on the water. Cynthia’s friend, Tammy, joins the group despite her history with Shereé. Kim struggles to fit in with others since she misses home.

Episode 7 - "Miami Spice"

A house visitor brings disaster on as the drama escalates in Miami. Porsha goes out with a handsome new suitor. Two women return to Atlanta, leaving only a small group in Florida. Kim is forced to seriously consider her concerns about Kenya, which makes her doubt their new friendship.

Episode 8 - "There's No Business Like Friend Business"

Porsha’s long-distance romance continues, while Kenya is attempting to woo a younger man. Cynthia and Peter Thomas’ reconciliation is progressing. The girls come together to celebrate Kandi and Demetria’s musical collaboration, but there is tension in the air.

Episode 9 - "Shade for Days"

Kenya invites her father to visit her ideal house. Cynthia hosts a party to thank her eyewear customers. Kandi and Porsha get into a heated argument. Todd and Phaedra had a meeting in her office to talk about money. Kandi and Porsha argue over lunch but reconcile in the end.

Episode 10 - "Trouble on the Family Tree"

To reconnect with her mother, Kenya organizes a family reunion in Detroit. Phaedra receives an unexpected visit from Mama Joyce. Cynthia and Peter take a romantic getaway. Todd and Phaedra attempt to resolve their financial problem. Porsha is at odds with her sister Lauren over management.

Episode 11 - "Ms. Parks Goes to Washington"

For her Save Our Sons organization, Phaedra invites some of the housewives to travel to Washington, DC. After the family reunion, Kenya has a heated argument with her aunt. NeNe comes back to see Cynthia.

Episode 12 - "Beauties & the Beat"

Todd and Kandi enroll in a parenting course to prepare for their child’s birth. Ayden and Phaedra visit Apollo on his birthday. At a brunch, Kim urges the women to skip the makeup. Cynthia gets ready to film an advertisement for her eyewear.

Episode 13 - "Jamaican Beef Catty"

The ladies travel to Jamaica with their men. NeNe surprises the others on the island, which immediately strains Kenya and Cynthia’s friendship. Kenya is distraught when Cynthia decides not to include her in her commercial eyewear ideas. Kim becomes enraged when her directing credentials are called into doubt.

Episode 14 - "Peaches of the Caribbean"

Kenya confronts Cynthia about what she said to the other women. The group meets Peter’s family in Jamaica. Kenya and Matt stay at the resort for a romantic getaway. NeNe tries to get Kenya to hang out with the group. The discussion regarding Kim’s marriage astounded everyone.

Episode 15 - "Read School Is in Session"

Kim receives some advice from Phaedra and NeNe on handling the rumors about her husband’s sexual orientation. Kandi and Todd try to persuade Kandi’s family to support their restaurant idea when they return to Atlanta. Tensions rise in Jamaica, putting Cynthia in the middle of Kenya and Kim once more.

Episode 16 - "Turning Over a New Peach"

Kim is resolved to concentrate on her directing while avoiding further conflict with Kenya. When Kenya’s Aunt Lori questions her about her new lover, she begins to worry about their future together. Porsha has trouble working with Lauren during a photo shoot. Phaedra brings her two sons to see Apollo for the first time since his imprisonment.

Episode 17 - "Who's Been Naughty, Who's Been Nice"

Phaedra threw a lavish holiday party to focus on the future. Kandi wonders who she can trust after the Feds arrive at her residence. While Kenya and Matt start their own family, Porsha researches ways to keep her fertility. Everyone comes together for a final showdown during a Christmas party.

Episode 18 - "Reunion Part One"

Hosted by Andy Cohen, part one of the reunion brings the ladies back to recap this season’s happenings.

Episode 19 - "Reunion Part Two"

Phaedra recalls how she coped after Apollo was imprisoned. Cynthia and Peter talk about their marriage. The women reminisce about the Miami drama.

Episode 20 - "Reunion Part Three"

The women recount the turmoil from their trip to Jamaica. NeNe makes a special appearance and addresses the group’s worries regarding Porsha’s problems controlling her rage. The men talk about Kim’s husband, Chris.

Episode 21 - "Secrets Revealed"

The eighth season’s previously unseen footage is shown.

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