What Happened in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8? (Full Recap)

RHOBH - Season 8 Cover with Cast

In the Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo Media features a dazzling La La Land. The new housewife Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and friend Camille Grammer join Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Lisa Vanderpump for a season of extravagant escapades, excessive laughter, and several confrontations.

Cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8

  • Kyle Richards – is an American actress, socialite, and television personality who started her career as a child actress.
  • Lisa Vanderpump – a philanthropist, author, television host, restaurant, and actress from England
  • Lisa Rinna – an established American actress, talk-show host, writer, and a successful model
  • Erika Girardi – an American singer and actress whose debut single “Roller Coaster” placed No.1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Playlist
  • Dorit Kemsley – an American television personality and fashion designer who specializes in swimwear and Italian resorts
  • Teddi Mellencamp – an American actress, television personality, and self-professed “accountability coach.” Additionally, she founded and is the proprietor of the lifestyle and fitness business “All In by Teddi.”

Season 1 - Don't Cry Over Spilled Wine

In the premiere of the eighth season, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump hire a private aircraft to fly the women to Las Vegas for a collective birthday party. Teddi Mellencamp, a new friend of Dorit Kemsley’s, strikes up a conversation with Lisa V over a drink, and they decide to take her along.

Erika Girardi and Lisa V evaluate their friendship, and Lisa V starts to see things differently. Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, two well-known female celebrities, joined the fun in Sin City.

The group wonders about Teddi’s role as an accountability coach. Erika receives criticism from Lisa V for never replying to her messages. On a Ferris wheel, Kyle and Dorit confront Lisa Rinna.

Season 2 - Diva Las Vegas

RHOBH - Teddi

The group wonders about Teddi’s role as an accountability coach. Erika receives criticism from Lisa V for never replying to her messages. On a Ferris wheel, Kyle and Dorit confront Lisa Rinna.

Season 3 - Bad Guys

As she writes her memoir, Erika is compelled to explore her past and becomes sentimental about her father. The most unexpected person makes a speech at the extravagant birthday dinner that PK throws for Dorit Kemsley with Lisa V’s assistance. Teddi starts to doubt Dorit’s integrity when she criticizes Lisa R. Kyle is now on vacation in Croatia with her family.

Season 4 - Lights Out!

RHOBH - Erika and Lisa R in Tokyo

To support Amelia and Delilah’s most recent modeling job, Lisa R and Erika fly to Tokyo. However, “momager” Lisa soon realizes that she may not be as necessary for the kids as she initially believed. Although Dorit agreed to be a model for Lisa V’s magazine, she was unprepared for the photo session.

At Kyle’s dinner party, when the light goes out, the darkness brings out the worst in one housewife, resulting in an eruptive tantrum.

Season 5 - Unfashionably Late

Kyle laments being unable to tell her sisters about her newfound career as a television producer. Dorit relaunches her bikini line, but an unintentional business meeting conflicts with Teddi. Erika is shocked to learn unexpected news after her trip back from Tokyo. Dorit is advised by Lisa V to make amends with Camille.

Season 6 - Wham, Glam, Thank You, Ma'am

RHOBH - Kyle and Lisa V

Dorit looks for the ideal birthday present for PK. Lisa V confides in Kyle about the lawsuit against her and Ken. Lisa R frets about her daughter’s impending departure to New York City; Teddi’s spa day doesn’t make her feel at ease.

Season 7 - Birthday Fever

RHOBH - Dorit at the fashion show of her bikini line

Kyle laments being unable to tell her sisters about her newfound career as a television producer. Dorit relaunches her bikini line, but an unintentional business meeting conflicts with Teddi. Erika is shocked to learn unexpected news after her trip back from Tokyo. Dorit is advised by Lisa V to make amends with Camille.

Season 8 - Petty Mess

On Days of Our Lives, Lisa R returns to her roots and the character of Billie. When Lisa V learns about the lawsuit, Kyle and Dorit don’t respond how she had hoped, which leads Lisa to break up with them. When Kyle and Lisa V immediately address their most recent problems in front of everyone, Teddi’s worries about hosting the women at her beach property are realized.

Season 9 - That Was Weird

The following morning, when Dorit returns to Teddi’s while the other women are working out, she decides to tell Erika about that fact. She disguises it by claiming she got into trouble last year for talking negatively about Erika. However, the fact that she is telling Erika something that another person stated makes a difference in this situation.

Season 10 - The Big Apple Bites

Dorit tries to be honest with Lisa V while she is still in New York City for Fashion Week, but Lisa is unsure if she has the whole picture. To provide an update on her novel, Erika meets with her publisher. In the meantime, Teddi tells Kyle what Dorit has been saying about her. What ought to be Dorit’s great night instead devolves into a major brawl.

Season 11 - Thank You, Thuck You

Kyle wants an apology from Lisa but doesn’t think she’ll get one, while Dorit tries to win back Lisa V’s favor with front-row seats to New York Fashion Week. Erika runs across Bethenny Frankel, an old acquaintance of Kyle’s who had previously criticized Erika’s music. The daughter of Lisa R is already missing home. Teddi convinces Lisa V to act outrageously.

Season 12 - Gag Gift

RHOBH -Lisa Vanderpump

As their friendship grows, Lisa is delighted to receive the fluffy pink bareback non-saddle that Teddi gave her for her birthday. But after spending this much time with Lisa V, one cannot just believe that Teddi’s recent dislike of Dorit is a coincidence. Instead, Teddi finds LVP taking her under her wing, sitting next to her at the lunch table, calling her Teddi Bear, and making jokes about being her best friend.

Season 13 - Crying Shame

Eileen Davidson, an old friend, joins Erika and Lisa R for cocktails. Kyle is torn between staying at her current home or moving after discovering her dream home unpredictably. Erika strikes a pose for the front of her book.

Teddi finds herself at odds with Erika when the dust settles more than ever before. Teddi drops a bomb that could jeopardize Lisa R’s newly formed connection with Dorit.

Season 14 - Heaven Knows

RHOBH - Teddi

Teddi fears running into Erika at Lisa R’s luncheon after their violent incident. Unexpected visitors show up for Kyle’s séance. Still, the group was shocked when Erika divulged details about her past. Unexpected catastrophe strikes Lisa V at home.

Season 15 - Dames, Dogs and Danke

As she prepares to relocate, Kyle packs her home. A film festival will host the world premiere of Lisa V’s documentary about dog maltreatment in China. When Dorit rushes to complete her bikini line on time, she pays the price when she gets sick on the girls’ trip to Berlin.

When Lisa V’s ten-year buddy Kyle says he doesn’t remember someone special to her, Lisa is taken aback.

Season 16 - Holy Schnitzel

For Kyle and Lisa R, a quiet horseback ride through the German countryside quickly turns perilous. While seeing the Berlin Wall and Eisenman Holocaust Memorial, the women experience emotional outbursts. When the gang spends the evening dancing in a Berlin beer hall, they get into the spirit of Oktoberfest.

Season 17 - Better Late Than Never

As the vacation to Berlin ends, one of the women consistently fails to be on time for appointments; unexpectedly, it’s not Dorit. Erika is shocked to learn Teddi’s real feelings for her when “pretend forgetfulness” rears its ugly head once more. Even though Kyle is still angry with Dorit, she decides to put the trip ahead of her sentiments.

Dorit worries that she won’t be able to pull off her big comeback as she struggles with the last-minute details of her fashion presentation.

Season 18 - The Runaway Runway

RHOBH - At the fashion show

In the season finale, Dorit presents a glitzy fashion show to introduce her swimwear line, which could make or destroy her comeback as a designer. Informative news from Camille is shared. Delilah’s homesickness in New York is something Lisa R worries about.

Kyle reveals her views regarding Dorit, but it unintentionally irritates Erika. Lisa V is compelled to tell Dorit a complicated truth.

Season 19 - Reunion, Part 1

RHOBH -Reunion Part 1

The girls get into unsolved issues as the reunion gets going. Erika examines the response to her book from the public and shares some unexpected information. Lisa R explains the cause of her shift in conduct in the meantime, but not everyone in the group is convinced.

This season, when Kyle, Dorit, and Lisa V try to explore their friendship, which seems to have hit a rough patch, resentments flare up.

Season 20 - Reunion, Part 2

RHOBH -Reunion Part 2

As Dorit and Teddi strive to resolve a year’s worth of misunderstandings, intense feelings still linger. Kyle tells the horrifying specifics of her Christmas Eve home invasion. 

The ladies are then joined by Camille , who offers Andy a surprise gift. When Lisa V defends her response to Dorit’s infidelity, she finds herself in the hot seat.

Season 21 - Reunion, Part 3

RHOBH -Reunion Part 3

Andy investigates the causes of Lisa V’s conflict with Dorit as the reunion closes. The women reflect on their vacation to Berlin and wonder why Kyle was so furious with Lisa V for forgetting her grandmother’s name. Kyle becomes tearful when talking about her sister’s lack of support for her new endeavors. While this is going on, Teddi and Erika argue over “fake amnesia.”

Season 22 - Secrets Revealed

RHOBH - Secrets Revealed

In previously unseen Beverly Hills footage, Teddi and her husband are astonished by the high speed and the hefty cost of the sports car they are looking at. Boy George Dorit’s best friend is interested in Teddi’s profession. When Lisa R cracks a dubious joke about Lisa V, Erika and Camille are slightly embarrassed.

In Mexico, Kyle wants to construct a brand-new beach house. The Museum of Sex in New York City is where Camille goes in search of the ideal present for Dorit.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Quick Facts

  • an American reality television series
  • developed as the sixth series in The Real Housewives franchise
  • aired on Bravo from December 6, 2016, to April 25, 2017
  • primarily filmed in Beverly Hills, California
  • consists of 21 episodes.
  • executive producers are Andrew Hoegl, Barrie Bernstein, Lisa Shannon, Pam Healy, and Andy Cohen
  • Eden Sassoon decided to leave after Season 7 because she was tired of how she was being portrayed

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