A Man Lost His Pinky Finger? Shark Suddenly Bites Man’s Hand In A Terrifying Viral Video

A Man Lost His Pinky Finger Shark Suddenly Bites Man’s Hand In A Terrifying Viral Video

In a viral video on social media, a guy was bitten by a shark after he released it into the water.

In a Reddit video, a  guy is on a boat attempting to revive the baby shark after releasing it into the sea. The fish wakes up after a few nudges and bite the man’s hand, and quickly starts to move in a circle.

He struggles to free his fingers from the bite; however, the shark stubbornly refuses to let go. After a few seconds, the man finally removes his hand, and blood starts flowing from the shark’s mouth and into the seawater.

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Children, in particular, are observed to be horrified by the other boat passengers while the man quietly walks away. The internet was shocked by his reaction.
The posted video on Reddit garnered more than 38.6k votes and 3,300 comments. The video captioned, “He won’t make that mistake again.”
Users on Reddit commented about the man not screaming during the incident, and others are sharing their funny remarks. Some users are worried about the man’s pinky.

“The casual no-screaming reaction is pretty sweet, though; it’s almost like he knew sticking his hand near a shark’s head could possibly result in the loss of digits,” a user wrote.

A user reacted to the man’s, “F*ck, I lost my god*mn pinky” after he got his pinky away from the shark, saying, “Dude says it like he left his phone at home.”

The fish in the video is a nurse shark, typically small and avoids divers but has strong jaws and a mouth full of multiple serrated teeth.

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