How Did Lenny Henry Lose Weight?


He followed a very strict diet that only included this particular vegetable while losing three stones in weight.

Lenny Henry is a well-known British actor, writer, and comedian who was one of Britain’s most well-liked and respected public figures. It was simple to predict whether he would lose weight because of his prominent look, and many people were shocked when he really did.

Lenny Henry

Lenny has undergone a total transformation over the years, shedding a massive three stone. He isn’t selfish enough to keep the specifics of his weight loss journey a secret because he has always been honest about it, saying that all he did was make minor changes to his diet and workout regimen.

Lenny Henry's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Lenny’s successful weight loss:

  • He followed a strict diet
  • His meal plant consist of eating vegetables, particularly broccoli
  • His workout routine is running and walking
  • He also spends four hours a day to do yoga, dancing, Pilates, and military exercises

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Lenny Henry was diagnosed with diabetes in 2014.

Lenny Henry Diabetes

Lenny Henry opened up about his diagnosis of diabetes back in 2014 in an interview with Express News. Following that, he started his weight loss journey and adopted a healthy lifestyle.

He began to alter his diet and even added exercise regimens. He said at the time, “I was put on a very strict diet. I’ve lost between two and a half and three stone. I was big.”

Aside from losing weight to help in his battle with diabetes, he began doing so for a television role at the time. In the three-part television version of Andrea Levy’s novel “The Long Song,” he lost weight to play Godfrey, an enslaved Jamaican.

What is Lenny Henry's diet?

Lenny Henry’s diet consists of eating vegetables, specifically broccoli. Since he was put on a very strict diet at the time, he began eating more veggies, which evidently worked for him because he lost weight right away.

“What’s my secret? Well, it’s eating broccoli and not much else,” he shared in the same interview with the publication. “It has worked! It’s lots of greens, lots of juice, and lots of walking.”

“You’ve got to eat no sugar and drink hardly any alcohol, all the stuff you like. You can’t Hobnob your way through the day,” he added.

According to Web MD, the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in vegetables give your body a range of important health benefits. It also has a significant amount of dietary fiber, a kind of carbohydrate that helps food pass more easily through the digestive tract.

Studies acquired by the outlet further suggest that fiber may also enhance the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals, which may increase your daily energy levels.

When it comes to the broccoli that the comedian merely ate more of in his diet, it has many fantastic health advantages, including the presence of substances that are cancer-protective, healthy for the heart and eyes, and boost the immune system and hormonal balance.

What is Lenny Henry's workout routine?

Lenny Henry Workout

Lenny Henry’s workout routine is walking and running. These two are regarded as cardio since they raise your heart rate and maintain it for an extended amount of time.

In addition to the activities listed above, he spends four hours each day performing yoga, dancing, pilates, and military exercises. Even though it was unclear whether he included swimming in his training regimen, he claimed that it was a fantastic kind of exercise.

Since swimming keeps your heart rate up while reducing some of the impact stress on your body, it is also regarded as cardio. It is actually something that can be considered doing fun since you can do this exercise along with your friends or family. They might see this opportunity as a way of outing, but you will see this one as a chance to lose weight.

Strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness may all be enhanced through swimming, which may benefit both your physical and mental health. Besides, swimming provides a full-body workout since practically all your muscles are used as you swim. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight and keeps your heart and lungs in good condition.

Lenny Henry's weight loss methods are all natural.

Lenny Henry

Every celebrity will always be the subject of different rumors, one of which is about their attempts to lose weight, including whether they underwent surgery or simply took some pills. Brands offering slimming goods on sometimes claim that a particular celebrity has used them, but the celebrity later retracts the claim.

Lenny is hardly an exception to this publicity practice. Given how drastically his physical transformation has occurred, he too encountered similar claims during his weight loss journey. He made the decision to address this matter in an interview with The Daily Mail while refuting the allegations.

“I have heard that I’ve lost all this weight for a variety of reasons,” he remarked. “None of them true.”