Brad Pitt Loses The Lawsuit Over The French Winery To Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt Loses The Lawsuit Over The French Winery To Angelina Jolie

The location of their 2014 wedding is the one they had been arguing over.

Despite the fact that Brad Pitt was the one to sue Angelina Jolie for selling her vineyard stake to a Russian tycoon, the actress has won in court proceedings against her ex-husband.


Subpoenas for documents were sent by Jolie’s legal team to Pitt, his manager, and his business, Mondo Bongo. The actor’s legal counsel reportedly fought to have Jolie’s request for the records and communication turned down by the court.

However, a court in Los Angeles ruled that Pitt and his partners could not even keep the records until after they had appealed the ruling before giving them over to the opposing counsel, according to Page Six, which broke the news.

“Any rational human being would be happy for Stoli to [be a partner in their business. They have top-notch marketing and distribution,” sources close to the actress told the publication. “He just can’t see past his hatred of Jolie.”

Brad-Pitt-and-Angelina-Jolie French Winery

As we previously reported, Pitt is suing Jolie over a business deal she made with Chateau Miraval, the Correns, France vineyard they bought as a couple and then sold to Russian businessman Yuri Shefler.

The couple bought the vineyard for $28.4 million in 2008, with her putting down around 40% of the money which is about $11.36 million. The actor claimed at that time that they pledged that neither of them would sell their portion of the Château or its lucrative vineyard without the other’s permission.

Arguments at the winery have fuelled the couple’s separation since it started in 2016. They began dating in 2005 and have a total of six children together.

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