Chess Robot Breaks the Young Player’s Finger in a Viral Video


After the youngster moved a little too early, a chess-playing robot in Moscow reached over and broke its young opponent’s finger.

The chance to test one’s skill against a robot is an excellent opportunity. However, no one wanted their bone broken—that was something people didn’t look forward to.
In a social media video that has gone viral, the robot arm swiped across and snatched the young prodigy by the fingers. It was after the boy attempted to move too rapidly after the machine had already taken one of his pieces.

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In the video, a few adults come to the boy’s aid, trying to pull the boy’s fingers free from the machine’s hold.
Many people believed the child’s fast movements may have alarmed the robot. Others remarked that it marks the beginning of the conflict between humans and machines.
Other users shared their thoughts below the tweet; some shared witty remarks. The video is currently accumulating more than 203.7 thousand views.

“Good, good, make more of these robots and put them in the army,” a user said.

Another user wrote, “Yep, this is why they put big red STOP buttons around robots like this.”

“The robot was probably programmed with Russian morality algorithms,” another user wrote.

The Baza Telegram account released the footage, which appears to be from the Moscow Chess Open competition. The youngster was recognized as Kristofer, one of Moscow’s top players under the age of nine.

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