How Did Maneet Chauhan Lose Weight?

Maneet Chauhan Before and After Weight Loss

She shed some pounds not because she struggled with her body image but because she wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for her children.

Maneet Chauhan is an Indian American chef and television personality who has held executive chef positions at a number of renowned restaurants in Chicago, Nashville, and New York. She has also appeared as a judge on the Food Network’s “Chopped” competition show.

She has furthermore been on “The Next Iron Chef,” “The View,” “Iron Chef America,” “Today Show,” and as a judge on the Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” finale.

Maneet additionally won in the 2021 Food Network competition Tournament of Champions. Along with her impressive portfolio of achievements, the chef gained notoriety for her weight loss transformation. What’s more interesting is that she lost weight without giving up her love for food, specifically chocolates.

Maneet Chauhan's Weight Los Tricks

The main keys to Maneet’s successful weight loss:

  • She limits her calorie intake
  • Her workout routine includes walking 10,000 steps a day

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Maneet Chauhan's diet is limiting her calorie intake.

Maneet Chauhan lost weight by limiting her calorie intake, which she went on to discuss in-depth in an interview with Parade, who also concurred that being overweight is OK.

“If you eat less than you burn, you lose weight,” Chauhan stated. “It was important for me to be healthy not only for the way I look or feel but also for the message that I was sending to my kids.” She is a mother of two children, a son Karma, and a daughter Shagun.

“I was telling them it’s OK to be overweight and not take care of yourself, and that’s not the message I want to send them,” she continued, also revealing that she couldn’t follow a restricted diet like the keto or paleo since she eats for a living.

“So I used the app MyFitnessPal [an online food diary]. I kept to 1,200 calories a day, which would pretty much start with me logging my two glasses of wine and two pieces of chocolate, so I knew what I had left.”

Keeping track of your calorie consumption is a helpful habit that might help you become conscious of what you should eat each day. This can further assist you in discovering eating habits that you might need to change.

The ability to eat less and be more aware of what you’re eating are two benefits of tracking your daily calorie intake. These two will surely help you lose weight.

Just like what Chauhan did, you can count your calorie by using available apps out there. Plenty of sites offer free calorie calculators that can help you see the calorie count of each food you eat. In this way, you can also manage your future food consumption since you have an idea of how many calories a specific food has.

“Even at breakfast, there’s a croissant over there, and there’s a boiled egg, and I know I’m going to have a big dinner tonight, so let’s stick to the boiled egg. The mindless eating ends,” she added.

The ketogenic diet, which she indicated she couldn’t attempt, calls for substantially cutting carbohydrate intake and substituting it with fat. According to Health Line, your body enters a metabolic condition known as ketosis due to this carbohydrate restriction.

On the other hand, a paleo diet, as defined by the Mayo Clinic, is a diet plan centered on foods that are comparable to those that might have been consumed during the Paleolithic era.

What is Maneet Chauhan's workout routine?

Maneet Chauhan’s workout routine is walking, which is considered as a form of cardio. In the same interview, she stated that she made sure to walk every day in order to lose weight.

“I made sure I did 10,000 steps a day,” she revealed. “Now, it’s seeped into each and every facet of my life. If I’m at the airport and the lounge is over there, I’m like, ‘No, I haven’t done my steps.’ So I walk from one end of the airport to the other with my suitcase.”

Walking is a great workout that may help with weight loss and has other health advantages, according to Health Line. Your weight and walking pace has a major impact on how many calories you burn when exercising. If you walk faster, you can burn more calories each hour.

Anyone who wants to begin their fitness journey but finds it challenging to complete an intense workout routine, whether it be from a video you’re watching or in the gym, should start by walking.

You can do this by walking your pets around the neighborhood, running errands that don’t usually require driving your car, or just stepping on your treadmill at home and not finding running as something you can do as of yet.

Maneet Chauhan lost weight but not for physical reasons.

Maneet Chauhan has always been transparent about her weight loss journey, noting in several interviews that she didn’t lose weight because of a problem with her body image but rather because she started to feel worn out over time due to the responsibilities of her job.

The television personality made the decision to alter her lifestyle and started with a few minor adjustments. She apparently shed 40lbs in the process, which is already a considerable number considering she didn’t restrict herself too much in terms of food and only did walking in her exercise.

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