Ryan Gosling Says That The “Barbie” Script Is The Best He’s Ever Read

Ryan Gosling Says That The _Barbie_ Script Is The Best He's Ever Read

He even described how he was able to accept the renowned fashion doll role with this humorous experience.

Actor Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in the upcoming “Barbie” film alongside Margot Robbie who will play the female lead. Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Noah Baumbach, was in charge of directing.

Ryan Gosling Ken

Even if the details of the narrative are still unclear, social media users were quite intrigued by the first look of the actor’s transformation into the real-life Ken. Additionally, a number of pictures and videos of Gosling and Robbie skating while decked up in hot pink have been making the rounds as well.

Gosling attempted to heighten fans’ interest in the movie even more by claiming that the script was the best he had ever read during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

He also described the events that led to his acceptance of the role of Ken in the Barbie movie, saying, “Best script I’ve ever read. I walk out in the backyard and do you know where I found Ken, Jimmy?”

“Face down in the mud next to a squished lemon,” Gosling revealed with Fallon showing a photo of what the actor is talking about. “I texted it to Greta and I said ‘I shall be your Ken for his story must be told.”

The actor further talked about the excitement he generated on social media after his initial appearance, which saw his hair bleached platinum blonde and his abs on display.

“Well, you know, the internet’s been trying to break me for years, so it gave me no other choice,” he continued. “I was surprised how some people were kind of clutching their pearls about my Ken as though they ever thought about Ken for a second before this.”

“They never cared about Ken. They never played with Ken. Nobody plays with Ken…He’s an accessory and not even one of the cool ones.”

Barbie hits cinemas on July 21, 2023, but while we wait for Ryan Gosling to portray Ken, we can see him on Netflix’s The Gray Man.

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ryan gosling saying barbie the best script he’s ever read… i’m about to bite his ankles im so excited


ryan gosling saying the barbie script is the best he’s ever read implies that it’s better than la la land… need to catch my breath


Ryan Gosling saying that the Barbie script is the greatest script he’s ever read when he’s starred in The Place Beyond the Pines, The Nice Guys AND Blade Runner 2049…


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