Actor Tony Dow Still Alive Despite The Announcement Of His Passing

Actor Tony Dow Still Alive Despite The Announcement Of His Passing

This is such a terrifying mistake to make because many people already think that he is dead.

Tony Dow is still alive but not well, contrary to earlier rumors and statements posted on his own social media accounts claiming he had passed away.

Tony Dow

The “Leave it to Beaver” star reportedly died on Tuesday following a battle with liver cancer, according to a statement that TMZ was able to obtain before it was put down.

“Tony was a beautiful soul – kind, compassionate, funny and humble. It was truly a joy to just be around him,” the statement reads. “His gentle voice and unpretentious manner was immediately comforting and you could not help but love him. The world has lost an amazing human being, but we are all richer for the memories that he has left us.”

However, Dow’s son Christopher clarified this erroneous information in a statement that was published on the actor’s Facebook page, writing, “Dad is at home, under hospice care, and in his last hours. My wife and I are by his side along with many friends that have visited. He has a fighting heart.”

Furthermore, another statement was published in the same Facebook account of him, claiming that the film producer’s wife, Lauren Shulkind, was the one who falsely informed his management about the actor’s passing.

Tony Dow Passing

“This morning Tony’s wife Lauren, who was very distraught, had notified us that Tony had passed and asked that we notify all his fans. As we are sure you can understand, this has been a very trying time for her.”

“We have since received a call from Tony’s daughter-in-law saying that while Tony is not doing well, he has not yet passed,” the post clarified. “Tony’s son Christopher and his daughter-in-law Melissa have also been by his side comforting him, and we will keep you posted on any future updates.”

In his early years, Dow appeared in the CBS television series “Leave it to Beaver,” which ran for six seasons before switching to ABC. He also participated in the television series “The New Leave It to Beaver” and the “Still the Beaver” reunion special.

The director disclosed that he had been diagnosed with cancer back in May. He was also sent to the hospital in August for pneumonia.

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Eddie Haskell gave the original report


What the actual hell? He's still alive but in hospice care.


Tony Dow will go when he’s damn good and ready.


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