Medical Students Stage A Walkout During The Induction Ceremony When An Anti-Abortion Speaker Speaks


A viral video of medical students leaving their own induction ceremony in the United States has gained attention.

Once again, students showed courage by choosing to stand up for their convictions and for what they believe is right. Moreover, it happened in a respectable celebration of these medical students’ academic success.

In the viral video, University of Michigan Medical School students protested by leaving the auditorium just as the invited speaker was about to give her speech. The incident happened on July 24.

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The reason for their walkout; they learned that Dr. Collier had expressed anti-abortion sentiments on social media. The medical students even petitioned to have her address at the ceremony canceled.
The institution reportedly declined to bring in a replacement for Dr. Kristin Collier, an anti-abortion keynote speaker, which infuriated the students.

The video has received about 103.1K retweets and 16.4 million views on Twitter. Several online users responded to the video in the comments area.

A user compared the number of students who stood up to those who remained sitting, “Staged. However, the ratio tells the real story. The number that walked v.s. the number that stayed.”

“Which oath will they lie about?” a user asked, to which another replied, “Respecting a woman’s right to abortion doesn’t violate any oath. Opposing it is a pretty blatant violation of the Hippocratic.”

Some replies show disapproval of the student’s act, “Cancel culture game strong,” a user wrote. Another user responded, “I presume you mean the cancellation of women’s rights.”

Although the petition had the signatures of 100 incoming students, 248 existing students, and 72 alumni, residents, and graduate students, the institution did not consider this. It allowed the professor to speak to the students at their induction ceremony.

Reactions to Medical Students Stage A Walkout During The Induction Ceremony When An Anti-Abortion Speaker Speaks

Not popular to say, but I find this extremely sad including the thread.

“First, do no harm.” What a powerful statement from medical students who understand their vow and agree that abortion is necessary medical care.

Funny how some pretend to be for bodily autonomy 😂

What do you think?