“RHODubai” Caroline Brooks Compares Chanel Ayan’s Brain Capacity To A 5-Year-Old

RHODubai_ Caroline Brooks Compares Chanel Ayan's Brain Capacity To A 5-Year-Old

Since the beginning of the first season of the program, the two have been at odds, and it appears that there will be no end to their conflict.

The “Real Housewives of Dubai” star Caroline Brooks has rekindled her dispute with Chanel Ayan by claiming that the latter has the brain capacity of a 5-year-old.

Caroline Brooks

In an exclusive interview with Page Six on Wednesday, the real estate agent and another housewife, Caroline Stanbury, discussed their interactions with the cast of the upcoming Bravo reality program.

However, it looked like the two were getting more direct and honest about their thoughts, particularly with their fellow cast member Ayan, with Stanbury saying, “I think Chanel is Chanel, and, you know, I think she doesn’t think before she speaks particularly.”

On the other hand, Brooks appeared to reject Stanbury’s diplomatic approach, so she made a more forceful attempt at expression by remarking, “Chanel has the brain capacity of a 5-year-old is what she meant to say, but she was just being polite because she’s British. I’m not. I’m American. I’m rude.”

When questioned about the origin of the animosity, they said that it all began because Ayan’s closest friend Lesa Milan did not like the thought of the two of them becoming close.

Chanel Ayan

“I think Lesa is much more calculated,” the entrepreneur stated. “We bonded from the first day we met actually, and we’d been friends before, and I think Lesa didn’t want that to happen at all, so every time we’d be out, there’d be a behind-the-scenes call to say to her and me, saying that the other one said something.”

Despite everything, the two expressed gratitude to Milan and Ayan because without them, their relationship would not be as strong as it is now.

“It made us really love each other more and say, ‘Hey, we’re lucky. At least we’re real, and we have each other,’ you know?” Brooks stated, and Stanbury concurred, adding that their relentless bombardment is just Milan yelling at nothing.

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did I miss something? why is Caroline Brooks SO angry with Chanel Ayan? #RHODubai


Now I know why @chanelayan doesn't mesh with Caroline brooks! #RHODubai


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