What Happened Last Season on The Last Man on Earth? (Season 4)

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Cover with Cast

The fourth and final season of The Last Man on Earth is an apocalyptic affirmation of friendship, with such delightful chemistry between its ensemble that it will satisfy spectators despite the cliffhanger ending.

Pamela finds her place within the group as they set sail for Mexico to flee the apocalyptic nuclear fallout in the United States. Their plans are thrown off course when they learn none of them know how to sail a yacht.

Cast of The Last Man on Earth

  • Will Forte as Philip Tandy Miller
  • Kristen Schaal as Carol Andrew Pilbasian Miller
  • January Jones as Melissa Shart
  • Mel Rodriguez as Todd Dimas Rodriguez
  • Cleopatra Coleman as Erica Dundee
  • Mary Steenburgen as Gail Klosterman

Episode 1 - M.U.B.A.R.

The Last Man on Earth S4 -Pamela

Pamela Brinton (Kristen Wiig) introduces herself and explains that she and Pat Brown (Mark Boone Junior) had an intimate relationship after meeting in Malibu. She presents her new lover, Rear Admiral Roy Billups (Jack Black), but Pat, who has regained consciousness, promptly kills him. At that point, Pamela takes drastic action and murders Pat.

Phil Tandy Miller (Will Forte) chops off Pat’s head and sends it. His body is on separate jet skis in opposing directions, only to collide once they reach open water. Over time, Pamela annoys her companions by squandering supplies, taking the yacht’s single stateroom for herself, and flirting with Tandy.

As a result of Melissa Chartres’ (January Jones) drunken helmsmanship and Gail Klosterman‘s (Mary Steenburgen) botched anchoring, the boat drifts away from the shore overnight, stranding them in the middle of the ocean.

Episode 2 - Stocko Syndrome

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Tandy

Tandy tries to trick Pamela into letting him go by pretending he’s lost interest in Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal). Still, Pamela is onto his trick and shows him who’s boss is by pointing a revolver in his face.

They give in but quickly learn they’re not in landfall territory. The survivors run upon Glenn (Chris Elliott), a castaway who missed the apocalypse. He knows nothing about the virus but longs to return to the United States to be with his loved ones.

Episode 3 - Skeleton Crew

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Glenn

After Pamela falls out of the dinghy, she is invited aboard the yacht, and she and Glenn begin a slow but steady courtship. Jasper (Keith L. Williams) sees Zihuatanejo, Mexico, before Glenn can make the announcement. The party soon realizes, however, that the entire city is nothing more than a giant post-apocalyptic triage operation with body bags scattered everywhere.
Tandy and Carol relocate to a hospital close to a motel. They overhear Pamela sobbing in the courtyard and learn that Glenn has been mistreating her since their apparent separation. Todd Rodriguez (Melvin Dimas Rodríguez) complains that Zihuatanejo isn’t as perfect as he had planned.

Episode 4 - Wisconsin

Spell Erica (Cleopatra Coleman) and Gail have decided to live apart for a while. Todd and Melissa have announced their intention to go on a honeymoon. Carol is concerned about missing out on important life events with the dispersed group, so she takes Tandy to see Gail.

However, she is disappointed to find the rest of the group having dinner without her and Tandy. They provide bland reassurance that this was not intentional. Carol pretends to go into labor to prove they should stick together, and the others follow her to the hospital.

Episode 5 - La Abuela

The gang makes its home in a house that originally belonged to “La Abuela” Gordillo (Alma Martinez), head of a cocaine cartel. In flashback, La Abuela is seen hunting down the traitor who let in the other gang and killing her own henchman, Victor (Omar Leyva), since he took too long to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Henchman Hector (Jack Guzman), afraid he will be next, makes a bomb and brings a piata to her birthday party, where he believes it will explode.
Criminals are forced to take cover as police arrive. The real traitor, Panchito’s (Frank Gallegos) henchman, kills La Abuela and interrogates Hector about the bomb’s location; Hector refuses to respond directly and is subsequently apprehended.

Episode 6 - Double Cheeseburger

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Carol giving birth

After a long night of labor, Carol gives birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she and Tandy name Bezequille. Later, after experiencing cramps and dizziness, Carol visits Gail, where it is discovered that Carol is pregnant with her second child. Many different strategies are employed in an attempt to induce labor in Carol.

When these don’t work, Gail suggests piercing the amniotic sac, but Tandy won’t let her. Carol gives birth to a second daughter during the fight; she calls her Mike Miller (Jason Sudeikis), after Tandy’s brother. In the meantime, Erica and Gail are out on a date, and they’ve asked Todd to watch Dawn while they go out.

Episode 7 - Gender Friender

Tandy tries to prove he is a feminist by using different terms and phrases and singing an embarrassing song after accidentally upsetting the women in the group by calling them “guys.” Carol also bothers Gail about spending more time with Erica and Dawn than with her twins. Still, Gail argues that she and Erica are like a married couple and do not require a marriage contract.

Episode 8 - Not Appropriate for Miners

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Jasper's behavior changed

Jasper’s irresponsible behavior begins. He drives erratically in a limousine. Also, he sets off a firecracker inside a stuffed giraffe. Without success in grounding him, Todd seeks advice from Tandy.
When Carol overhears Erica and Gail making jokes about Jasper’s crush on baby Dawn, she tries to introduce him to Bezequille and Mike to diffuse the situation. When Erica sees Carol putting makeup on her twins to entertain Jasper, Erica gets upset, and the two women fight over him. Jasper interrupts Melissa as she tries to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Episode 9 - Karl

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Karl Cowperthwaite

Karl Cowperthwaite (Fred Armisen) is a hidden cannibal who goes on a date with Zoe (Leighton Meester) before the virus outbreak. Still, she fakes a phone call to get out of their horrible meal. Karl (Anthony L. Fernandez) and Zeus (Tommy Lister Jr.) go on a walk to get some bouillon for Karl’s cannibalistic meal.

Still, when the police show up, Karl escapes and murders an S.U.V. driver (Martin Short) before driving the S.U.V. to Juárez, Mexico. There, he sets up a home painting business as a front for his murderous activities. When the man Karl is painting discovers a severed head in the refrigerator, he flees to a motel, where he is eventually apprehended by the authorities for murder and desecration.

The following person to fall ill from Karl’s infection is Javi (Mariano ‘Big Dawg’ Mendoza), who contracts it while he is incarcerated. Time passes, and the virus claims the lives of everyone but Karl and a guard named Martinez (Geoffrey Rivas), who form a close friendship.

Episode 10 - Paint Misbehavin

When Karl dons Martinez’s outfit, Tandy and Todd assume he is a jail guard and invites him to join their search party for Jasper. Gail burns her finger later that day, and Karl has to fight the urge to steal one of her band-aids out of the trash until he finally caves in. Tandy grows suspicious when he sees Karl rummaging through garbage.

Episode 11 - Hamilton/Berg

Before Karl arrives and confirms the women’s worst fears, Tandy and Todd try to warn them about Karl’s cannibalistic behavior, but they refuse to believe them. To continue their hunt for Jasper, the survivors decide to return Karl to the prison where he was discovered and lock him up. Melissa, who has been keeping track of Jasper, finally asks whether he is ready to return, but Jasper declines in silence.

Episode 12 - Señor Clean

Despite Tandy’s ignorance, the group performs a burial for Karl within the jail walls. At Tandy’s grave, Gail reveals that she is much happier now that the virus has wiped off her worries. Tandy decides to be helpful and alters how he expresses himself, ultimately winning over Gail’s approval.

Episode 13 - Release the Hounds

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Erica doesn't want a family

Erica tells Todd that she and he do not want to start a family. His low mood causes him to withdraw from the group, and he becomes preoccupied with constructing and playing with a complex model train set. Gail, playing the role of group doctor, reluctantly gives Tandy and Carol the go-ahead to have sex barely two weeks after Carol gave birth to twins.

Episode 14 - Special Delivery

After Todd and Erica decide to start a family together, he becomes overly concerned about Erica’s future pregnancy. After a negative pregnancy test, Todd blames Erica for intentionally ending the pregnancy. To forge a powerful female bond, Melissa further upsets Erica by reciting poetry about her and asking her to undertake various things for her.

Episode 15 - Designated Survivors

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Tandy and Mike reunion

Tandy believes his brother Mike is still alive after he awakens to find half of his head shaved. He tracks down Mike by looking for his shaved hair and handwritten notes. The two brothers celebrate their reunion with a karaoke performance of their all-time favorite song.

Episode 16 - The Blob

Tandy and Carol try their hand at karaoke, but they miss Mike, who has been holed up in his truck since he spotted a big blob on his thermal imaging device. Tandy tries to prevent him from leaving on his investigation. Mike stays with Tandy after his brother expresses concern that he would leave since the world is unsafe; the brothers spend the day at zorb bowling and hanging out with Tandy’s kids.

Episode 17 - Barbara Ann

The Last Man on Earth S4 - Tandy and Mike found a herd of goats

Tandy and Mike embarked on a journey to investigate the anomaly that Mike’s thermal camera saw. They find a herd of goats and a grove of avocado and orange trees in Tapachula, and they decide to bring a male and female goat with them to the blob’s location. The area is deserted when they get there.

Episode 18 - Cancun, Baby!

Tandy blows up the mansion and kills the two goats he and Mike encountered by accident. The gang takes a cable car pulled by a flatbed truck to the fruit trees in Tapachula before continuing on to Cancn. Melissa gives Jasper the option of joining them in a self-driving car.

The Last Man on Earth Quick Facts

  • an American post-apocalyptic comedy T.V. series
  • created by and starring Will Forte
  • premiered on Fox on March 1, 2015
  • episode one was helmed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and written by Forte
  • the final episode aired on May 6, 2018, after four seasons of production
  • available on Hulu

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