JoJo Siwa Receives An Angry Message From Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter

JoJo Siwa Receives An Angry Message From Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter

She appeared to disapprove of what the child star had said about her mother.

Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter, Natasha Bure, has reignited the beef between her mother and JoJo Siwa after the latter revealed on her TikTok account that the “Full House” star was the “rudest” celebrity she’s met.

Natasha Bure

On Thursday, Natasha took to Instagram story to release a statement and defend her mother, writing, “Respectfully, someone saying no to taking a photo with you is not a ‘rough experience.’”

“This generation is so sensitive and has zero backbone. Grow up. There are bigger issues in the world than this.”

This occurs after Candace expressed her apologies to Siwa and took the time to inquire into the reason behind Siwa’s description of her as the “rudest” celebrity she had ever encountered.

This is when she learned that she had turned down the “Dancing with the Stars” alum when she approached her for a photo at the 2016 “Fuller House” premiere.

In a video that Page Six was able to secure, Siwa also provided her account of events, saying, “I was 11, and I was a big, big fan, and I wanted to take a picture with her, and it wasn’t a good time for her.”

JoJo Siwa

“I will say because I had a bad experience, that doesn’t mean that she is an awful human,” she added. “I think it just was an inconvenient time for her, and little 11-year-old me was just so pumped up and so excited, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst human ever. It just, you know, it was a rough experience for me.”

As we previously reported, Siwa participated in a Q&A on her TikTok account and opened it by saying that Cameron is by far the rudest celebrity she has ever met. Zendaya was the next person on the list for the celebrity crush category.

Next, she said that Miley Cyrus is the nicest celebrity for her and Elton John is the coolest. It also appeared as though she was slamming Nickelodeon because she named Spongebob, who is obviously a fictitious figure, as the celebrity that did her dirty.

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Mind you she’s only 4 years older than jojo


Is this the same daughter that literally got no chairs to turn on The Voice


A 23 year old telling a 19 year old to grow up- ok


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