Members of Hong Kong Boyband Crashed By Huge Video Screen Gone Viral


An alarming video captures the moment of a huge screen toppled onto the stage, crashing some members of a Hong Kong boy band.

Many people are starting to discuss the tragedy due to the accident video. It was the fans who captured the incident, and it is currently becoming widely viral online.
The video intended to capture only the dance performance; however, the terrifying accident was also documented. The dancers were in the middle of a performance when the screen suddenly collapsed from the ceiling.
hong kong concert accident

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At least three people were hurt during the Thursday concert, Injuring them and a member of the Hong Kong Cantopop boy band Mirror.
Unknown who among them was injured in Mirror’s 12 members, but according to the reports, two of the band’s male dancers, including well-known dancer Mo, were rushed to the hospital.
According to the outlet, the event was abruptly called off as Ahfa Wong Wai-Kwan, the band’s manager, entered the stage to address the concerned audience.

“Thank you so much for your support to Mirror, but there is something that we need to handle now,” he announced.

And he continued, “I hope you can all leave in an orderly manner … I’m sorry. I promise to settle your tickets and promise we will handle the show to ensure [everyone’s] safety.”

According to the Cultural Services Department, which is the government organization managing the venue, the coliseum hosting the performance is a 23-meter-high structure.

Reactions to Giant Screen Falls on Boyband ‘Mirror’ Dancers at Hong Kong Concert

The more details you read about this, the angrier you get. They knew it was dangerous and did nothing

Very disturbed by this shocking news from the Mirror Hong Kong concert, where a giant screen hung above the stage fell off and hit two dancers. I've been sent multiple videos but I'm trying my best not to watch them. This horror, no one would've imaged this to happen in HK!

saw that hong kong concert video by mistake. i hope that dude is okay … looked very severe. Honestly, that tv should have been permanently mounted to the wall of the stadium/ built into the stadium

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