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What Happened in the Final Season of the Last Man Standing? (Season 9)

Stella Aurora

In Season 9 of Last Man Standing, everyone gets together to mourn the loss of Mike’s 1956 Ford F-100, which was stolen and taken apart for parts. But when everyone at the service, including Kaitlyn Dever’s daughter Eve, who FaceTimed in for the event, was asked to say a few words, they didn’t praise the classic car.

Cast of Last Man Standing Season 9

  • Tim Allen played Mike Baxter and Tim Taylor
  • Nancy Travis played Vanessa Baxter
  • Amanda Fuller played Kristin Beth Baxter
  • Molly McCook played Amanda Elaine “Mandy” Baxter-Anderson
  • Christoph Sanders played Kyle Anderson
  • Jordan Masterson played as Ryan Vogelson
  • Jonathan Adams played Chuck Larabee
  • Krista Marie Yu played as Jen
  • Héctor Elizondo played as Edward “Ed” Alzate

Episode 1 - Time Flies

Last Man Standing S9 - Mandy and Daughter Sarah

After a few jumps in time, Mandy (Molly McCook) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) are taking care of their 3-year-old daughter Sarah. Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) also have a little girl together. Since she and Kyle moved into the Baxter house during the pandemic, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) always advised Mandy to be a good parent. Mandy tells Mike (Tim Allen) that she and Kyle should move back to their old apartment.

Episode 2 - Dual Time

Last Man Standing S9 - Mike

While Mike struggles to develop a topic for his 10th-anniversary Outdoor Man vlog, Vanessa breaks the garbage disposal. Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) is in town visiting a Binford Tools store and wanted to meet the man behind the Outdoor Man vlogs, so she calls him. Mike is shocked by how much Tim looks like him and how bad he seems at actually fixing things.

Episode 3 - High on the Corporate Ladder

Last Man Standing S9 - Kristin

Kristin gets mad at Mike when he says Ryan hates that job. She tells Vanessa later that she’s terrified Ryan will like the job and that it will change him. Kyle gets Ed’s old laptop at Outdoor Man. He opens a file with some “bucket list” items. He and Mandy decide to complete Ed’s (Héctor Elizondo) bucket list for him, but they don’t know that Chuck (Jonathan Adams) had the laptop before Ed and that the list is Chuck’s.

Episode 4 - Jen Again

Mike and Kyle keep it a secret from Vanessa that Jen is moving in with the Baxters for a year from Hong Kong, but Vanessa finds out before Jen (Krista Marie Yu) gets there. Jen tells Vanessa that she will only stay for a week, which makes her sad. Mike and Vanessa find out later that Jen’s father sent her to America because he wanted to talk about problems in his country and didn’t want Jen to be in danger.

Episode 5 - Outdoor Toddler

Vanessa wants to find a way to beat her sister Nichole. The latter always texts her professional photos of her toddler grandson. She suggests that Ed bring back the Outdoor Man Toddler catalog and that Evelyn and Sarah, her granddaughters, be the models.

Episode 6 - A Fool and His Money

Mike and Chuck have the chance to buy a rare military Jeep from 1942, but it will cost a lot to fix up. Mike tries to get Joe (Jay Leno) to put some money down right away. He knows Joe has money from his mother’s recent death, but the changes Joe wants to make to the Jeep seem silly.

Episode 7 - The Secrets of Preschool

When Sarah gets into an exclusive preschool, but Evelyn doesn’t, Kristin asks Vanessa if she can get the principal to change his mind. Anne, the principal, is an old friend from when Vanessa was in school, so she thinks it will be easy. But Anne wants Vanessa to ask the city council member she works for a favor in exchange for letting her child into the preschool.

Episode 8 – Lost and Found

Last Man Standing S9 - Ed

Since no one can find a classic car to fix up, their business is at a standstill. Ed challenges Mike, Chuck, and Joe: whoever finds the next classic car to fix up gets his face on a billboard advertising their business. Mike and Joe both think they know something about an older woman’s car that she wants to sell, so they go to look at it simultaneously.

Episode 9 - Grill in the Fog

Last Man Standing S9 - Ed and Mike

Mike and Ed have decided that the Outdoor Man Grill is no longer making enough money for them to keep it open. They worry about how to tell Kristin but soon find out that she has already reached the same conclusion. Kristin has also looked at her staff’s past jobs and skills and found that most of them can fill other open positions at Outdoor Man.

Episode 10 - Meatless Mike

Mike tries to go a week without eating meat after Vanessa tells him to, but Vanessa catches him cheating with just a few days left. The gang at work is getting ready for Jeff Dunham’s visit when Ed tells Chuck that people in his culture believe that ventriloquist dummies steal the souls of living things. When Dunham shows up with Walter made to look like Ed, it turns out that this was all a joke.

Episode 11 - Granny Nanny

Last Man Standing S9 - Vanessa

Vanessa is worried about turning 55, so she joins a group that is training for a half-triathlon. But Mandy and Kristin drive her crazy by dropping off their girls all the time, and Vanessa can’t say no. Jen tells Mandy and Kristin off for taking advantage of their mom when Vanessa falls asleep and misses her training group because of it.

Episode 12 - Midwife Crisis

Mike tells Mandy that her older sister helped her through her pandemic pregnancy after she complained that Kristin’s daughter was being bossy to Sarah. In a flashback, a pregnant Mandy worries that giving birth in a hospital during the pandemic might not be safe. Kristin, who had her baby right before the pandemic hit, helps Mandy figure out if she wants to use a midwife and give birth at home.

Episode 13 - Your Move

When Mike goes on vacation, Kristin gets a week to try running the Outdoor Man store on her own. Kristin notices when she looks at Chuck’s security reports that he treats black and white shoplifters differently, and she wants to know why. Vanessa wants to build a seesaw for her granddaughters to play on in the backyard, but Kyle keeps pushing for a rocket ship instead.


Mike will soon tell Vanessa why that means so much to Kyle. Ryan is surprised that Mandy has beaten him at chess three times in a row since he was the junior champion, and she seems to be a beginner.

Episode 14 - The Two Nieces of Eve

Last Man Standing S9 - Mike and Eve

Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) comes home for a few days of vacation and spends time with her two nieces, only to find out that they don’t like the gross jokes that made Boyd laugh when he was a toddler. Mike and Vanessa tell Eve to try again, so she spends more time with Evelyn and Sarah and does more girly things.


Mike and Vanessa soon figure out that Eve is sad because she has to leave her nieces and go back to the base. Kyle talks about his problems in his homiletics class after the teacher tells him that his sermons aren’t exciting enough. Ed says that Kyle might be trying too hard and tells him that just being Kyle makes him very passionate.

Episode 15 - Butterfly Effect

Last Man Standing S9 - Jen

Mike and Vanessa try to get Kyle and Mandy to make a will and choose guardians for Sarah. Kyle isn’t sure who to pick. Kyle’s choice is helped by Mike’s vlog about father figures. He decides that Ryan and Kristin will be his main guardians. He wants Ed and Mike to be a part of any important decisions, saying that all three of them have been like fathers to him.


Ed says that Mike’s vlog is great because it helped Kyle, but Mike says that he wrote the vlog about Ed. Jen, on the other hand, isn’t sure how to act around her new coworkers at Outdoor Man, where she works as an administrative assistant.

Episode 16 - Parent-normal Activity

Last Man Standing S9 - Vanessa and grandchildren

Vanessa upsets Mandy when she is babysitting and gives Sarah a “time out.” Later, Mandy says that she feels like a bad parent because Sarah is becoming less and less willing to do what she’s told. On the other hand, Joe tells Mike that he shouldn’t just get Ed another bottle of scotch for the anniversary of the day they became partners.

Episode 17 - Love & Negotiation

Last Man Standing S9 - Ryan and Kristin

Kristin finds out later that Ryan was talking to another outdoor chain, and she thinks that Ryan only agreed to her deal because they are married. Ryan tells her later that his company wanted to do business with Outdoor Man, even if the profit margin was a little lower. He tells Mike how smart she is at making deals in front of Mike.


Mandy challenges Vanessa to a race to see who can use their fitness watches to take the most steps. Jen gets upset when Vanessa, who is very competitive, becomes obsessed with her step count. Later, the second girl says that she likes to just walk and talk with Vanessa.

Episode 18 - Yoga and Boo-Boo

Last Man Standing S9 - Kyle and Mandy

Mike’s doctor says he should do more stretching. Vanessa tries to get him to try yoga. She even tells him that Chuck is in her class. When Chuck hurts his back while working on a truck engine, Mike’s doubts about him grow. During the game night, Ryan and Kristin have conversations that lead them to believe that Kyle and Mandy are jealous of their business success.

Episode 19 - Murder, She Wanted

Last Man Standing S9 - Ed, Joe and Chuck

When Mandy gets mad, Vanessa helps Mike get to the bottom. Ed tells Chuck and Joe that they should go see Taft: The Musical. He even goes to buy them tickets. After Chuck and Joe don’t watch it and upset Ed, they do see it and find out why Ed didn’t want them to.

Episode 20 - Baxter Boot Camp

Last Man Standing S9 - Kyle and Ed

Jen says she and some friends from Hong Kong who are visiting her want to go camping on Torreys Peak. Vanessa suggests that they try something like a public campsite that is better for beginners. Jen won’t accept this, so Vanessa and Mandy put her through the Baxter Boot Camp in the backyard to get her ready for the wilderness.


Kristin is working long hours on her latest projects at Outdoor Man, so Mike tries to explain to her how important it is to have a good balance between work and life. Kristin says she loves her job, and Mike agrees that it’s even harder to quit a job you love to spend more time with your family.


Kyle asks Ed to let him go from full-time to part-time work so he can also work at the church. Ed says he won’t sign the form unless Kyle tells him how he can get to heaven. Knowing that Ed isn’t very religious makes this hard to do. Kyle comes back and tells Ed that he can’t give him a simple answer but that he’s willing to talk about it with Ed any time. Ed agrees, so he signs the document.

Episode 21 - Keep on Truckin'

Mike finally gets the last thing he needs to finish restoring his 1956 Ford F100. The original bill of sale that Joe bought before Mike so that they could use it as a bonding experience. But the truck was stolen overnight, and everyone worked together to find the truck and the thieves.


Later, Chuck goes to the Baxter house with bad news: a camera caught the truck being driven into a suspected chop shop, but when police arrived, it was gone. Mike has a memorial for the truck where everyone talks about what they remember about it.


Even Eve talks from her base via Skype. Mike tells Vanessa later that it was one of the best nights of his life because it brought his family and closest friends together. In the last vlog of the series, Mike talks about how the truck reminds him of family memories while photos of the main characters move along the side of the screen.

Last Man Standing Quick Facts

  • an American sitcom
  • a creation of Jack Burditt for ABC
  • airing on Fox
  • ran from October 11, 2011, to May 20, 2021
  • a joint production by 21 Laps-Adelstein Productions, NestEgg Productions, and 20th Television
  • since 2021, the series has run in syndication on the USA Network, as well as CMT and News Nation, formerly WGN America

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