What Happened in The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 4: Full Recap

Elyn Cone

Following after the controversial Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, drama and interesting events continue in Season 4. Tanya reaches the end of her pregnancy, Ampika reveals shocking news, Seema plans a fancy supper, and the women travel to Barcelona to celebrate Misse’s 30th birthday.

Cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 4

  • Ampika Pickston – is a TV personality and an English businesswoman who runs her beauty salon and spa in Hale Barns.
  • Dawn Ward – is a model, businesswoman, prominent interior designer, and reality TV star.
  • Lauren Simon – is one of the original housewives and an entrepreneur with her range of perfumes.
  • Leanne Brown – is a mother, wife, clothing designer, and TV personality.
  • Misse Beqiri – is a wife, mother, model, social media influencer, and an Albanian/Swedish actress and reality TV star.
  • Seema Malhotra – is a businesswoman, fashion designer, and reality TV star.
  • Stacey Forsey – is known as the wife of the millionaire CEO of Sports Direct.
  • Tanya Bardsley – is a model turned into a life coach, businesswoman, and motivational book author.

Episode 1: A Fair to Remember

Friendships are at breaking point as Tanya enters the final trimester of her pregnancy due to rumors and social media posts. Ashley is upset when Taylor brings home her boyfriend, Sam. Dawn is enraged that Stacey believes she’s manipulating yet plays the adoring mother-in-law. Missé resumes modeling as a runway bride as Seema creates her autumn/winter clothing line.

Episode 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Tanya accepts Ampika’s offer of reconciliation. With a hectic and disastrous arrival, Stacey’s daughter’s graduation garden party takes a turn for the worse. Leanne hosts a baby shower with a jungle theme for Tanya. Ampika set off a significant stir in the jungle.

Episode 3: Whining and Dining

At Tanya’s baby shower, the drama carries on with Missé in tears and Stacey challenging Dawn. Leanne and Dawn turn their backs on one another while Lauren offers Ampika her dosage of “bad energy.” The girls are treated to a fancy meal by Seema. Ampika throws a bombshell that causes a commotion with Dawn, and Seema corrects Ampika and Lauren.

Episode 4: Bust-ups and Bombshells

The Baby Whisperer visits Tanya as she prepares for the impending arrival of Baby Bardsley. Following their argument at the dinner party, Seema and Lauren are enraged. Missé reveals a shocking detail about her marriage, and the drama intensifies as Leanne spars with Dawn.

Episode 5: Ooh, Baby Baby

The baby is here, and Tanya will go to any lengths to get him out. While Dawn and Leanne continue to argue, Ampika spends the day golfing with Mark. Dawn arranges a trip abroad for Missé’s birthday. Seema unveils her most recent line of clothing.

Episode 6: Secrets and Lies

Expectant godmothers Dawn and Leanne pay Tanya and Ralphi a visit. For Missé’s 30th birthday celebration, the girls travel to Barcelona. Missé confides with Dawn about her unresolved marital problems when she is in Barcelona. Ampika questions Missé’s motives for inviting her and later confides in Leanne about her relationship issues.

Episode 7: Heartbreak Hotel

While the women are still on their trip to Barcelona, tensions and tears start to flow. Missé is saddened when she hears Ampika has second thoughts about inviting her. Later, Missé tells everyone about her rocky marriage, and Ampika tells Lauren and Leanne about her love life. Tanya, who recently gave birth, decides to make plans for her placenta while she is back in Cheshire.

Episode 8: The Smell of Success

When Missé learns about her separation and reads about it in the press, she is devastated. Stacey is in wonder after learning what Dawn said about her in Barcelona after spending a spiritual day with Leanne and Ampika. At Lauren’s perfume launch party, Missé and Ampika try to patch things up and get back together.

Episode 9: Plastic Fantastic

Ashley is leaving for Monaco, and it’s Dawn’s clinic’s grand opening. Dawn’s mother, Taylor, tells her about her breakup with Sam Reece. When Lauren hears what Seema and Stacey say about the introduction of her perfume, she is upset. Ampika registers with the megabucks dating service in hopes of finding love, and she makes an exceptional surprise arrival at Dawn’s celebration.

Episode 10: Bollywood or Bust

When Seema hosts a 45th birthday party, Bollywood visits Cheshire. Tanya has a drastic aesthetic procedure after giving birth: vaginal tightening. Seema’s criticism of Lauren’s perfume launch has Lauren furious, and she wants to confront her about it. At Seema’s celebration, Tanya and Stacey have a heated disagreement after Tanya gets her sari tangled. You won’t soon forget this Bollywood movie! The Bindis are flying, so hold onto your rickshaw!

Episode 11: The Reunion

Brian Dowling gathers and features our eight Housewives coming face to face to relive some of the best, funniest, embarrassing, and tense moments of the season as well as to express their true feelings toward one another.

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