Mystikal Arrested Without Bond On Charges Of Rape, False Imprisonment, And Domestic Violence


This is certainly not the right time for him, as his next performance is on September 3 at Cleveland's Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.

Mystikal was taken into custody on Sunday and is currently being held without bond at the sheriff’s office in Ascension Parish on charges of rape, false imprisonment, and domestic violence.


According to a statement sent to Fox News by the Louisiana’s Ascension Parish Sheriff’s office, the troubled hip-hop artist was allegedly arrested and charged with first-degree rape on Sunday following an alleged assault the previous evening.

The alleged victim, who suffered minor wounds in the assault, is receiving care at a nearby hospital. Mystikal is still being kept in custody without bond; a hearing to determine his release is set for Tuesday afternoon.

He likewise faces charges for simple robbery, assault in a domestic violence incident, strangulation, false imprisonment, and simple criminal property damage. Additionally, the sheriff’s office noted that while the investigation is still continuing, some details may not be made available as of yet.

Mystikal Arrested

It’s not the first time Mystikal has run into legal issues and served time in jail. The artist was listed as a sex offender following his release from jail after spending six years for sexually abusing his hairdresser in 2004.

Moreover, he was sentenced to 18 months in the Caddo Correctional Center from 2017 to 2019 for first- and second-degree kidnapping, which charges were ultimately withdrawn in 2020 owing to a lack of evidence, as per The Daily Mail.

Not only that, but the publication further reported that he also has two misdemeanor convictions of failing to submit tax returns for the years 1998 and 1999, and served 81 days in the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail in 2012 on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence battery.

Reactions to Mystikal Arrested Without Bond On Charges Of Rape, False Imprisonment, And Domestic Violence

"Why wasn't Mystikal bigger than he was. Hip Hop should respect." He raped someone, and kept the video as a trophy. Then when he got out he beat up his girlfriend. I'm pretty sure he got another rape charge a couple of years ago too. He rape more than rap.

If anyone says "Free Mystikal" after his third time being charged with sexual assault, they need to do whatever time he gets this time in a cell with him.

Someone can go ahead and log Mystikal out of freedom, he needs to be in jail permeanently at this point.

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