How Did Emily Ratajkowski Lose Weight?

Emily Ratajkowski's secret to her fit and toned body.

Emily Ratajkowski is an American actress and author, but many recognized her for her modeling career. She has been on numerous catwalks and runways. Some have admired her toned body, even after she gave birth to her firstborn in 2021. So, what is the 31-year-old star’s secret?

A lot of people are interested in Emily’s diet and exercise routine. Her toned body is an inspiration to women of all ages. The model has the perfect curves and not an ounce of extra flesh. She often documents her routine on her Instagram account.

Emily has an ectomorph body type, which is common among models. This suggests that she has a difficult time putting on muscle. Her figure is naturally thin and lean. Even though ectomorphs have a more challenging time accumulating weight than other body types, they might be slim fat.

To put it simply, they are thin but have a more significant body fat percentage.

Emily Ratajkowski's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Emily’s successful weight loss:

  • She doesn’t follow a particular diet, but she makes sure that she eats healthy foods
  • She likes black coffee and meals with cars for breakfast
  • Her snack is a mix of fruits and vegetables
  • She often orders food or cooks her own meal
  • She loves meat, claiming she’s a “carnivore”
  • She likes beets and turmeric juice
  • She loves yoga, hiking, and walking
  • She does cardio

What does Emily Ratajkowski usually eat in a day? Her diet plan.


For breakfast, Emily enjoys black coffee, and her meal contains carbs. Speaking in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she noted, “Every day I go to Blacktop Coffee and get this pastry called kouign-Amann with my black coffee.”

The kouign-amann is known as “Europe’s fattest pastry,” according to the New York Times. Some find it odd because that doesn’t sound like food a model would consume on the catwalk. And if not kouign-Amann, she enjoys her coffee with toast, granola, and yogurt.


Emily loves meat for lunch. She even revealed to Elle that she’s a carnivore and “really likes to eat meat.” Yet, she ensures that her meal is accompanied by green, healthy food. Her go-to lunch choices are salads and sandwiches.

“I crave iron, so I am definitely not the kind of person who you will often find eating a plain salad. I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy,” the model said.

Emily enjoys cooking, which is far healthier than consuming preservative-filled, unhealthy foods that are typically found in grocery stores. Additionally, she revealed that she loves to limit her food intake while on set. She ensures that she’s well-behaved when it comes to that matter.


Emily enjoys a healthy mix of vegetables and fruits as a snack. She loves turmeric and beet juices, noting that “it’s so L.A.,” and she can’t avoid them. Turmeric is a natural antioxidant that aids in the elimination of toxins, while beetroot is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the digestive system.


Emily’s favorite time to socialize is during dinner. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family in local restaurants. She shared to Harper’s Bazaar that she usually goes to an Italian restaurant downtown called Bestia.

For a lighter and healthier meal, she chooses sushi. She also orders meals if she stays at home for dinner. And if she’s not ordering, Emily cooks her own meal. She can check her salt and sugar consumption by cooking her foods.

“I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy,” she said.


Dessert is the one thing Emily just can’t seem to give up. Her Instagram account is filled with photos of half-eaten cakes. She also likes cupcakes. She told Elle, “I definitely love a good cupcake sometimes, I think it is like, really important to give yourself a break.”

What does Emily Ratajkowski do to stay fit? Her workout routine.

Emily dislikes going to the gym to exercise. She prefers to enjoy peaceful yoga sessions or enjoyable hikes. In an interview with InStyle, she said that she’s not a “big gym person,” and instead, she likes spending time outdoors doing yoga.

“I really like being outside and doing yoga, so I do a lot of hiking in L.A., and I have a yoga studio really close to my house that I go to like once a week,” Emily stated and added, “I don’t have a trainer… I’m just not a crazy fitness person. I’m definitely an outlier in the industry.”

Emily does yoga a few times a week, bringing great results to her. Doing this particular practice eases not only your physical health but also your mental health. Yoga is also good for digestive health, flexibility, and sore muscles. Moreover, it helps you develop a healthy sleeping habit.

Although Emily doesn’t have a strict workout routine, she always makes sure that she keeps her body active. Emily loves walking with her friends. It has been suggested that walking is great for weight loss and keeping the body lean.

Even though Emily has an amazing body, she doesn’t really have a strict workout routine. She doesn’t have a personal trainer and doesn’t go to the gym regularly. But she still makes sure she’s active, especially outdoors.

Walking also helps you burn fat. Since the exercise is low-intensity, your body generates energy from fat and glucose. Your body doesn’t feel it as intensely. You can perform it more frequently and for longer than other workouts. Walking is especially beneficial for slimming down your legs.

Meanwhile, Emily knows that working out physically and doing cardio isn’t enough. She recognizes the necessity of integrating resistance training into your fitness program. Strength training is essential if you want to tone up and stay away from the skinny fat look.

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