Viral Video: Man’s Fortunate Escape As Concrete Footpath Collapses Beneath Him

Man's Fortunate Escape As Concrete Footpath Collapses Beneath Him

Online users have discovered a shocking video showing a guy barely escaping a serious accident.

A video of an unforeseen mishap is currently circulating on the internet. The netizens referred to the person as a “fortunate man” following the speedy escape.

The man in the footage is strolling towards the establishment where CCTV caught him. However, as he crosses the concrete shortly after, it abruptly caves into the drainage below.

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At the end of the video, the man’s expression says everything that could go wrong. The people inside the, probably store, went out to see the incident happened.
The place where the incident occurred is still unknown. The CCTV footage was shared on Reddit and has accumulated over 50.4k upvotes.

The post’s description stated, “Just another normal day.” The brief video depicts a walkway collapsing open as a guy crosses it.

The users are quick to share their quips regarding the situation the man experienced.

“I imagine them saying, ‘hey you, why you break my floor?’” a user commented, and another replied with, “They would.”

“Anyone who’s played enough Zelda could see that was a fake floor usually requires a bomb, though,” another user wrote, to which someone jokingly replied with, “He’s da bomb.”

“Funnily enough, the country this is filmed in has the same currency as the Zelda world,” one user wrote.

Aside from it all, it is fortunate for the man to escape such an accident quickly. This is a situation the authorities must be concerned about when establishing a structure.

Reactions to Viral Video: Man's Fortunate Escape As Concrete Footpath Collapses Beneath Him

First guy out the door: "What did you do?"


In the US, the guy that broke it would sue the store for "hole trauma".


A hole appears and a bunch of men show up to look. Seems about right.


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