Actress Anne Heche Suffers Critical Injuries In A Fiery Car Crash

Actress Anne Heche Suffers Critical Injuries In A Fiery Car Crash

She is presently being treated in a hospital and was allegedly in critical condition.

Actress Anne Heche suffered severe burn injuries in a single-vehicle collision on Friday in Los Angeles after both her car and the house she crashed into were entirely engulfed in flames.

Anne Heche

Heche reportedly struck a Los Angeles apartment building’s garage in a blue Mini Cooper she was driving. According to witnesses who talked to TMZ, they made an effort to help the actress exit her car, but she moved into reverse and sped off.

A few minutes later, she caused a fire by crashing into a neighboring house which was eventually became entirely damaged as the fire become more serious. Furthermore, the fire caused Heche to sustain serious burn wounds.

She was then transported by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles, where she was wired up to a breathing apparatus and was in a critical condition. There were no other injuries mentioned as of yet.

Anne Heche Car

A bottle with a red cap was found in the cup holder close to the gearshift in the actress’ automobile, and it looked to be an alcohol. However, her health precluded investigators from administering an alcohol test.

Fox News also obtained a statement pertaining to the incident from the Los Angeles Fire Department, which read: “Fifty-nine firefighters took 65 minutes to access, confine and fully extinguish the stubborn flames within the heavily damaged structure and rescued one female adult found within the vehicle who has been taken to an area hospital by LAFD Paramedics in critical condition.”

Heche representatives did not respond right away to calls for comment from news media outlets as investigations into the reason of the incident are still continuing.

Reactions to Actress Anne Heche Suffers Critical Injuries In A Fiery Car Crash

The news about the Anne Heche accident/fire is exceptionally sad since she has been open before about her mental illness. And alcohol couldn’t have helped. No snark, just a very sad story for lots of people, including whoever owns that house.


Friendly reminder that Anne Heche has struggled with mental illness for years, was molested by her father, her mother didn't believe her and she lost 3 of 4 of her siblings. Drunk driving is unacceptable but this woman has been through hell and back.


I'm so sorry to hear about the horrific accident Anne Heche was in today. I want to remind everyone to be kind. We never know another's struggles Sending my best prayers out for a talented person💜


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