What Happened in Vanderpump Rules Season 5?

Elyn Cone

Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules begins with Jax spreading a rumor that he saw Kristen and his girlfriend Brittany making out, a claim that she angrily refutes.

The dynamic duo James and Lala confronted Katie, who arrived on the scene drunkenly fat-shaming the bride-to-be.

Katie’s fiancé, Tom Schwartz, asks her for a prenup and then changes his mind.

Relationship issues between Tom Sandoval and Ariana arise when she begins to write a book about bartending, and he becomes envious.

Stassi, Katie, and Kristen appear to be united against James and Lala, even though allegiances shift more quickly.

The joint bachelor/bachelorette celebration of Katie and Tom in New Orleans involves a stroll down Bourbon Street, numerous screaming matches, appearances by Tequila Katie, and the guys dressing up as women. When the Bubbas get married, Lisa conducts the ceremony, and they honeymoon in Bora Bora. Stassi crashes the wedding, which Lisa officiates.

Scheana’s marriage to Shay, unfortunately, did not endure the season.

Season 5 continues the controversies and interesting dramas of Vanderpump Rules Season 4.

Cast of Vanderpump Rules Season 5

  • Lisa Vanderpump – is a designer, author, television personality, humanitarian, restaurateur, and English actress.
  • Jax Taylor – is a model, actor, and television personality from the United States.
  • Stassi Schroeder – is a podcast host, model, fashion blogger, author, and television personality.
  • Tom Sandoval – is an American actor.
  • Tom Schwartz – is a television host and actor from Minnesota.
  • Kristen Doute – is a fashion designer, businesswoman, author, actor, and American television personality.
  • Katie Maloney-Schwartz – is Tom Schwartz’s wife and former server at SUR.
  • Scheana Marie – is a podcast host, singer, actress, and American television personality.
  • Ariana Madix – is an author, model, television personality, and American actress.
  • Peter Madrigal – is a director and producer.
  • Lala Kent – is an author and American reality TV star.
  • James Kennedy – is a social media influencer, DJ, entrepreneur, television personality, and famous British music producer.
  • Brittany Cartwright – is a model, entrepreneur, American actress, and wife of Jax Taylor.
  • Tiffany Brouwer – is an American actress and producer.
  • Raquel Leviss – is a social media star and television personality.
  • Laci Kay – is a singer, model, actress, and social media sensation.
  • Jaclyn Marfuggi – is a stand-up comic, Plyojam Dance fitness instructor, and actress.

Episode 1: Summer Bodies

The tension among Lisa Vanderpump’s team is at an all-time high as her SUR Restaurant is hotter than ever. Still, Jax is endangering their best friendship by spreading a stunning story about his girlfriend, Brittany, and Kristen. However, Schwartz is concerned that Stassi’s reappearance has brought out the worst in his fiancee. In the meantime, Stassi rallies the girls against James and Lala for fat-shaming Katie, who is getting married. Finally, the group learns some scandalous rumors regarding Lala’s love life.

Episode 2: What Went Down

With the assistance of the SUR team and Katie on board as her assistant, Lisa plans a sizable dog charity event. Later, Brittany threatens to break up with Jax for spreading false information about her sex with Kristen across SUR, and James starts an “Apology Tour” to make amends for the awful things he said to Scheana and Katie. Tom Schwartz requests a prenuptial agreement in the meanwhile, alarmed by the ballooning cost of his forthcoming wedding.

Episode 3: Call It Like I See It

Ariana gets passed over for Katie’s bridal party because of her closeness with Lala, while Stassi, Scheana, and Kristen are all invited. Schwartz dishevels Jax and Sandoval in fiery retaliation for their years of hazing, while Katie doubts Scheana’s allegiance after catching her cuddling with Lala.

Episode 4: Thirsty Girls

To appease Katie and her bridesmaids, Scheana disallows Lala’s attempts at friendship. James’s pageant queen girlfriend visits for the summer when he is having a great time, but the good times don’t continue because the new SUR hostess says she had an affair with him. Later, after realizing that Schwartz is covertly seeing a therapist, Katie snaps at him, which causes him considerable anxiety about the forthcoming wedding. Finally, Jax avidly observes as James jeopardizes his employment with SUR.

Episode 5: Cold Feet

When Schwartz begins to have second thoughts while Katie and Schwartz are out scouting a potential wedding location, Katie strikes him beneath the belt. Tom takes Ariana out on a date but soon realizes he is more interested in marriage and having children than she is. Later, Lala and Scheana each learn two scandalous rumors about James, and Lala learns one about Scheana. Finally, Lisa counsels Katie to patch things up before the nuptials.

Episode 6: Pride

Lisa puts her safety on hold to participate in the Pride Parade, rally SUR, and bring the community together as terrorist attacks target the Orlando LGBT community and pose a threat to West Hollywood. Ariana’s bartending book causes Tom to get envious, which leads to the ugliest argument in their relationship. James wonders about his friendship with Lala while Stassi organizes a birthday trip to Montauk, and the rumors about her lover shift more frequently.

Episode 7: The Sociopath Test

Shay and Carter are surprised by Scheana and Kristen’s surprise party, but it shocks Scheana when Stassi and Katie reprimand her for empathizing with Lala. Later, on Stassi’s podcast, Jax admits he is a certified sociopath. Finally, Lisa counsels Brittany on handling jealousy in a relationship, and Ariana defends Scheana.

Episode 8: No Show

After a heated argument with Stassi and Katie, Scheana must choose whether to continue traveling with them to Montauk for Stassi’s birthday. Lala, meanwhile, starts to dread Ariana’s Sonoma birthday vacation when she finds out she’ll have to share a space with Jax. James finally makes an honest request for his DJ job to be restored, and Lisa must decide whether to rehire him.

Episode 9: The Talk of Montauk

Lala won’t ruin Ariana’s wild NASCAR birthday weekend in Sonoma, assure Sandoval, Schwartz, and Jax. However, Stassi’s birthday trip to Montauk gets off to a bumpy start as she sobs over her recent breakup, and Katie and Kristen cannot connect Stassi with a suitable suitor in the Hamptons. Later, Lisa receives distressing information about Lala’s predicament, and Scheana feels alienated because she doesn’t participate in Stassi’s birthday customs.

Episode 10: Summer House Rules

At a Montauk clambake, Stassi extends her birthday vacation, where Katie introduces her to prospective new suitors while Scheana and Kristen make a seafood faux pas. Lisa is not convinced by Lala’s outrageous tales when she eventually reappears to explain why she vanished. At an exciting NASCAR race, Ariana celebrates her birthday with Sandoval and Schwartz, but tensions rise as Jax disrespects Brittany. Sparks flare when Stassi finds herself alone in a hot tub with an attractive, young, and prosperous New Yorker later on during a party hosted by Kristen, Katie, and Scheana at the Wirkus Twins vacation home.

Episode 11: The D Pic

By displaying an image of Jax’s genitalia in her comedy presentation, Kristen offends Brittany. Lala revisits SUR to express her regret for missing Ariana’s birthday, but Tom won’t accept her apology. Later, Brittany’s mother from Kentucky shows up and pressures Jax into joining a church and getting engaged to her daughter. Finally, Lisa gives Katie a sexy bridal shower gift as a surprise, while Ariana stuns Stassi with a bombshell.

Episode 12: Jax's Roast

To collect money for a worthwhile cause, Sandoval plans to hold a “Fund-Rager” on his birthday. However, things turn for the worst when Scheana accuses James of having an affair in front of his girlfriend. Kristen hosts a roast for Jax in the meanwhile, but when Brittany’s mother responds to a tale from his past, Jax isn’t too happy. Later, Scheana admits that her marriage isn’t ideal, Lisa reprimands Katie and Schwartz for bickering all the time, and Katie resolves to obtain a medical marijuana license to relax.

Episode 13: Ambush

Ariana refuses to cooperate when Schwartz tries to mediate a reconciliation between her and Stassi, which irritates Katie. James is eager to perform his most significant DJ performance since leaving SUR, but the gig is spoiled when Jax, Scheana, Kristen, and two claimed mistresses ambush him to reveal his immoral behavior. Finally, Lisa provides Katie with wise wedding counsel, and Schwartz signs his prenup only to discover that he has little to safeguard.

Episode 14: Into the Closet

Stassi, who is crying, receives some challenging dating counsel from her younger brother. Sandoval, meanwhile, makes an effort to revive his acting and modeling career by appearing in Peter’s science fiction film. Later, Pandora gives Katie a day at the spa to unwind, but tensions rise when Ariana doesn’t say sorry to Stassi, and Katie’s attacks make Scheana cry. Finally, Sandoval, Jax, and Ariana plunder Lisa’s magnificent closet to realize Schwartz’s fantasy of attending his bachelor party dressed as a drag queen.

Episode 15: Beads, Beers, and Tears

When Tom and Katie’s argument reaches a new level at Scheana’s pre-New Orleans pool party, the crowd questions if they should even be married. In the meantime, James attempts to reclaim his previous position after Lisa agrees to let him DJ a party at PUMP. Later, the bachelor/bachelorette party begins with plenty of debauchery on Bourbon Street, but Sandoval causes controversy by declaring that Katie needs treatment. Jax finally cries, and Brittany becomes envious as Stassi confronts him about his past transgressions.

Episode 16: Man Tears and Braziers

The men cry when the topic of Schwartz’s marital problems comes up during Ariana and the groomsmen’s manly gator tour. While the gentlemen tuck in, tape up, and get gorgeous in total drag, Kristen hires a female stripper for the girls, flipping gender stereotypes in the process. Lisa experiments with new recipes at SUR to spice up the menu. Finally, Kristen clarifies the reason behind Katie’s animosity toward Schwartz throughout the summer, setting off a massive brawl amongst irate drag queens, resentful boyfriends, and scorned fiancés.

Episode 17: Drag Battle

The vast New Orleans brawl goes well into the night, with Schwartz and Sandoval vehemently disputing the claims of infidelity while still dressed as drag queens. In the meantime, Stassi understands that because of their previous arguments, she missed a difficult time when Katie most needed her. Later, Kristen confronts Sandoval about attempting to sabotage their new romance, and Stassi pays her dad and grandmother a tearful farewell on the day they leave the house. Finally, on a crazy last night in Nola that included a scandalous game of spin the bottle, Katie and Schwartz put their differences behind them. Lisa discusses opening a new bar with Tom Sandoval with Ken when she returns to Los Angeles.

Episode 18: Regrets Only

When Lisa declines to officiate their wedding, Katie and Tom reassess their entire relationship. Stassi, meantime, struggles through her first blind date with the aid of Kristen’s dubious relationship counsel. Last but not least, Lisa plans another steamy SUR photo shoot featuring Tom and Ariana in only food.

Episode 19: Triple Trouble

Lisa says Lala’s actions will not be accepted when she returns to SUR. Jax and Sandavol want to surprise the Schwartz brothers by flying them in. Despite her problems with Shay, Scheana declares her intention to become a mother. Stassi then strikes a semi-naked posture for the camera. Tom and Katie arrive at the location of their wedding.

Episode 20: Taco Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday

Finally, Katie and Tom’s wedding is here, and everyone gathers to show their support. Jax and Tom fly in his triplet brothers to give Schwartz the ultimate wedding surprise. When Stassi and Lisa finally bury the hatchet, Stassi breaks down in tears. Last but not least, Scheana maintains that her relationship with Shay is ideal, but Lisa thinks she could be concealing something.

Episode 21: Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz

Only Katie and Tom could pull off the elegant ceremony in the woods, and Lisa officiated it. Jax reconsiders his friendship with Brittany, and Ariana mulls, expanding her connection with Sandoval. Lisa gives the Toms a once-in-a-lifetime business chance, but Schwartz hesitates to commit to two things simultaneously. The horrible secret about her marriage that Scheana finally shares will alter the rest of her life.

Episode 22: Reunion Part 1

Following Katie’s criticism of Schwartz’s manhood and Andy’s quest for the truth regarding the Kristen and Brittany hookup, the first of the three reunion episodes has James. He is startlingly seated next to Jax, responding to the cheating claims. In addition, Lala Kent unexpectedly makes a comeback to restart her feud with Stassi, Kristen, and Katie. Lisa Vanderpump describes the feelings she experienced while celebrating Gay Pride in the wake of a tragedy. Andy’s encounter with the SUR cooks is hilarious, and Lala gets an unexpected apology from the most unlikely of people.

Episode 23: Reunion Part 2

Andy speaks to Lala about the reports that she is dating a married guy and the reasons behind her mysterious disappearance from SUR as the reunion continues. Nikolai, Stassi’s younger brother, joins the cast for the reunion to give them some much-needed life advice and tough love. Scheana confronts Katie about her drinking, Brittany confronts Kristen about putting a picture of Jax’s unmentionable in her comedy performance, and things become heated when Ariana calls Stassi out for being deceptive.

Episode 24: Reunion Part 3

Lisa discusses her initial hesitation to officiate Katie and Tom’s wedding as the reunion comes to a close. James lashes out at Jax and Kristen for ruining his show, and Tom and Ariana talk about taking responsibility for all of Katie and Ben’s issues. Lisa informs Schwartz that he missed the opportunity to work with her, and Ariana explains her decision not to wed Sandoval. Finally, Scheana and her estranged husband, Michael Shay, enjoy a tender moment to discuss how their marriage is deteriorating.

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