How Did Eddie Hall Lose Weight?


Eddie Hall always prepares himself in every match that he joins in.

Eddie Hall, real name Edward Stephen Hall, is a former British professional strongman, actor, and boxer. He won other national competitions, including UK’s Strongest Man, Britain’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man, several times.

In 2017, the 37-year-old won the World’s Strongest Man competition. In every event he joins, he always doesΒ a lot of preparations. In fact, He shed more than 50kg (110 pounds) in preparation for his boxing match against fellow strongman Thor Bjornsson.

Eddie has been training for nearly two years in preparation for his competition to be settled in the ring in Dubai in March 2022. The fight has been deemed the “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History,” as both have won the strongman competition World’s Strongest Man, owned by IMG Worldwide. 

Eddie Hall's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Eddie’s successful weight loss:

  • He changed his diet by consuming 7,000 calories per day – (now down to 6,000 calories)
  • He eats five scrambled eggs, a steak, and water or orange juice for breakfast
  • He eats two substantial pieces of chicken, rice, and veggies for lunch
  • He eats large chicken pieces with potatoes, vegetables, and asparagus for dinner
  • His boxing diet also includes chicken curry with veggies
  • His snacks include granola, honey, and yogurt
  • He went on rigorous training to emphasize his boxing technique and skills
  • He does cardio and strength training
  • He claims that walking was a huge factor in his weight loss

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Eddie Hall changed his diet, and it helped him to lose weight.

The British star has undergone an amazing transformation since his earlier days of competing in lifting competitions. He consumed roughly 12,000 calories daily in a massive record-breaking diet, which he admits took up most of his day.

He has since changed to a diet with about 7,000 calories per day, which has been one of the contributing factors to his drastic weight loss. He now consumes much fewer calories, which has aided his amazing transformation.

“In my strongman days, I was consuming upwards of 12,000 calories a day,” Eddie told Muscle and Health. “That was just a constant cow grazing. All day from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep, I’d have meals. I was probably eating eight meals a day with snacks in-between and lots of liquids like high-calorie smoothies.”

The strongman continues, “Now, I have four square meals a day, and five protein shakes in between to make sure I don’t dig too big a hole. I’d say I’m on roughly 6,000 calories a day right now. That’s half what I was eating when I was the World’s Strongest Man.”

What does Eddie Hall usually eats in a day?

Eddie typically starts his day with five scrambled eggs, a steak, and water or orange juice. For lunch, he consumes two substantial pieces of chicken, rice, and veggies. Granola with manuka honey and chocolate is then served as a snack.

His boxing diet also includes a chicken curry with veggies followed by a giant chicken piece with potatoes, vegetables, and asparagus for dinner. Eddie eats a variety of foods before bedtime, including more granola, honey, and yogurt.

He used to eat eight regular meals a day to help fuel his rigorous weightlifting workouts when he weighed about 200kg (440 pounds), but that diet has been significantly changed. The diet plan he followed helped him cut down massive pounds.

What is Eddie Hall's workout routine?

Aside from following a specific diet, the former strongman also has his own exercise routines. He started a rigorous new training regimen that emphasized his boxing technique and skills while also having him spar with both professional and amateur opponents.

Eddie hasn’t released much footage of him working out, but he went on a two-year training camp interrupted by a detached bicep in 2021. He had to train five times a week and must work on every part of his body.

His former routine includes training his chest and arms while primarily strengthening his strength and deadlifting ability. In addition, he worked with professional fighters – including Rob’ Big Red’ Lamont – to further enhance his strength.

“I was doing four weights sessions and five boxing sessions each week,” Eddie revealed. “That was just to make sure I kept my body big and powerful. Now, I’m doing two weights sessions, two swimming sessions, and five boxing sessions.”

He cut two weight sessions and increased cardio and mobility exercises. He noted that he learned how to box, and it’s all about “keeping sharp, maintaining the muscle mass, and making sure he doesn’t get any more injuries.”

His typical day starts with two hours of weightlifting in the morning and ends with an afternoon boxing workout focusing on technique, movement, and endurance. At the height of his training camp, he would frequently spar between six and ten rounds.

Eddie Hall said that the one thing he did every morning was a big help for his weight loss journey.

Eddie’s physique has changed after winning the World’s Strongest Man title. This has a lot to do with him ditching his heavyweight weight sessions and all-you-can-eat diet in favor of boxing training and a properly planned dietary regimen.

However, Eddie claims that this switch wasn’t the main cause of his 40kg (88 pounds) weight loss. He attributes his new slim and muscular figure to his mile-and-a-half morning walks. He said that the “biggest change” for him was adding daily walks to his routine.

“Some mornings I run, and some mornings I walk, but every single day I get up and do a mile and a half, and I take my dog out,” Eddie toldΒ Men’s Health. “It helps me clear my mind, sets me up for the day, and it’s a great way of getting exercise in, and I genuinely believe that’s why the weight has fallen off me.”

Eddie claims he is not adamant about his morning walks, even though they have become sacrosanct. He doesn’t track his activity with any gadgets, and he doesn’t set goals for how many steps he takes each day. He turns up every morning and moves more slowly or quickly as he feels like it.

“I don’t use any of those f*cking Fitbits or anything like that; I find them really stressful,” he said. “I just I just go with the flow. I don’t put any marker on it; I just do it all by feel.”