Man Faces 20 Years In Prison After Putting An E-Cigarette In Baby’s Mouth For A Viral Video


After he “jokingly” placed an e-cigarette in a toddler’s mouth for a popular social media video, a guy was detained.

Nowadays, people don’t think about whether their acts would harm another person as long as their video becomes viral. It is the main reason people must understand that every action has consequences that they must face.
The video shows the man carrying the baby, and then a few later, he puts the vape into the baby’s mouth. In the background, a woman was giggling.

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According to North Johor Baru district police commander Rupiah Abd Wahid, the anonymous businessman, 23, was seized by police in Johor, Malaysia, on August 8.
Rupiah revealed that at the time of the incident: The child was in a restaurant with the mother, her sister, and the male, who was reportedly a friend of the sister.
If he is proven guilty, he may face a 20-year prison sentence, an RM50,000 (£9,279) fine, or both.
The original video was posted on Instagram; however, the owner had already deactivated her account. User @fanaizty reuploaded the video again on the Twitter platform.
The video is currently garnering 937.1k views and 10.6k retweets. Twitter users expressed their disappointment about the video they watched, and some were enraged with the man’s action.

One user who claimed to be an ex-vaper said, “As an ex-vaper myself, this is so disturbing to see this, and the saying is right “every parent deserves a child but not every child deserves a parent.”

Another user wrote, “You guys don’t deserve to have kids.”

Fortunately and hopefully never, the toddler did not inhale any of the device’s vapors at any time in the video.

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Next time use condom

There really should be an aptitude test to see if people are fit to be parents...

When you’re too dumb to use contraceptives 🙂

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