What Happened Last Season on Crashing? (Season 3)


In Crashing Season 3, Pete’s life appears to be going well. He has a terrific job, wonderful friends, and perhaps a second chance with Ali. Pete travels to where John is waiting.


What he believed to be his big break was actually just a name error. Pete consents to stay and see the show, but he is not happy about it.

Cast of Crashing Season 3

  • Pete Holmes as a young comic who is a fictionalized version of himself
  • Artie Lange as himself
  • Dov Davidoff as Jason Webber, owner of Pete’s usual club
  • Jermaine Fowler as Russell, a fellow comedian, trying to break out
  • Henry Zebrowski as Porter, a fellow comedian trying to break out
  • Zach Cherry as Kevin, manager at The Grisly Pear and later Pete’s representative
  • Audrie J. Neenan plays Rita Holmes, Pete’s mother
  • Fred Applegate as Pete’s Dad
  • Jamie Lee plays Ali Reissen, a comedian and Pete’s first girlfriend after his divorce
  • Madeline Wise as Kat
  • Estee Adoram, as Estee, the Comedy Cellar booker
  • Michelle Wolf as herself
  • Jaboukie Young-White as himself
  • Amy Schumer as herself

Episode 1 - Jaboukie

Crashing S3 - Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes (as himself) begins the season by touring a few colleges. He is traveling while performing at various colleges and staying at hotels. When he finds out that he actually has an opening for one of his gigs in Maryland, he is delighted. Jaboukie Young-White (as himself), a college-aged comedian, takes the stage first.


Pete notices the one and only Artie Lange (as himself) sitting down with a few other comics and Estee (Estee Adoram), the person in charge of scheduling all of the performances at the Cellar. Before his set, he approaches to say hello. Artie advises Pete to go for a walk because it is clear he has overstayed his welcome.


Pete thinks he did a great job when he finished his five-minute set. As a result of his relationship with Michelle Wolf (as herself) and her helping him secure the position, he learns that Jaboukie is also set to perform. Jaboukie also puts on a fantastic set.


Pete leaves inconsolably because he is confused. When he returns, Jaboukie and Estee are seated. She gave him her phone since she thought Jaboukie’s set was great so he could call her for future gigs. Pete is obviously furious because Jaboukie is replacing him in the rotation despite not having even begun to earn his keep.

Episode 2 - The Temple Gig

Pete is trying to reintegrate into the New York comedy scene after his unsuccessful audition at the Comedy Cellar. He is having trouble finding a place in the city and feels a little alienated. Elon Gold (as himself) tells him he thought he killed at the Cellar and is shocked Estee didn’t pass him when they cross paths at a comedy night.


Elon then informs Pete that he has a show in mind that involves a Jewish celebration at a synagogue. Pete is concerned because he isn’t Jewish, but Elon assures him they would still adore him.


Elon then begins to inform Pete that he spoke with the Rabbi and gave him some information regarding how Pete might be currently feeling lost in life. Given that it generally takes some time to be seen by the Rabbi, it’s impressive that the Rabbi wants to sit down with Pete in a few minutes. Pete leaves to spend time with Kat (Madeline Wise).

Episode 3 - The Secret

Crashing S3 - Pete and Kat

Pete develops feelings for Kat, his new girlfriend, and she pushes him to pursue his job more forcefully. Things heat up on their three-week anniversary following a trip to a sex store and a comedy event that turns into a Pete-centric evening.

Episode 4 - MC, Middle, Headliner

Crashing S3 - Jamie Lee

In the condo parking lot, Jason Webber (Dov Davidoff) is standing by himself and is visibly angry about what has happened. Pete approaches him to speak with him and, if possible, make him feel a little better. Jason eventually complains to Pete about how it’s difficult to laugh these days and how being a straight white man in this generation is challenging.


Ali (Jamie Lee) happens to leave at that precise moment and attacks Jason. They engage in conflict with one another. Each of them uses the “C” word, and Ali apologizes to Jason for the fact that the only thing left of his 15 years of comedy is running the Boston. He shouts his 22 years in the comic business.


There is little doubt that Jason is experiencing a severe self-identity crisis. He deserves what is occurring, yet you can’t help but feel awful for a suffering man. He explains to Pete that this is the game and that he will accept the reprimand and return to it within a few months. Pete stays silent since he honestly has no idea what to say.

Episode 5 - Mom and Kat

Crashing S3 - Pete and his mom

When Pete arrives at the performing event, he encounters Fudge, another comic on tour. Fudge has performed in several incredible locations, and they develop what seems to be a new bond. When Pete’s mother takes off her jacket before the event, it appears that she is concerned by Kat’s clothing. 


Pete observes his mother and Kat having what appears to be a disagreement after the show. When he approaches them, he learns that Kat is being instructed to put on a bra by Pete’s mother. When Pete begins to defend his fiancée, his mother claims that his father found her lack of a bra to be quite upsetting.


He obviously never said anything, but according to her, she could sense his discomfort and that of every other guy in the church. She’s squeaking by the skin of her teeth because she dislikes Kat. Pete erupts on her and informs her that this is unacceptable. They’re going out.

Episode 6 - The Viewing Party

Crashing S3 - Pete and Kat get into a fight

Eventually, Pete and Kat get into a fight outside the Cellar. Pete informs her that she was being impolite on a really significant night for one of his friends, Ali. Kat claims that since she is his girlfriend, she ought to be given priority.


She continues by saying that he ought to be angry that Ali made a joke about his dick on live television. As they argue, Kat accuses Pete of having an extramarital affair with Ali in New Jersey, which he categorically rejects because it never happened.


Pete returns inside and discusses what occurred with Ali. She informs him of the bathroom incident. Pete is stressed out. He claims he was unaware of her frightening nature. Ali tries to cheer him up, but he appears aware of his predicament. They hug, say goodbye, and he goes home alone through the city.

Episode 7 - The Christian Tour

Crashing S3 - Pete

Having returned to New York, Pete is now in a bar with a comedian friend, telling her that Kat will soon meet him there because she insisted on having a face-to-face conversation about their breakup. She enters and sits down with Pete, telling him they should be able to talk about this like adults because she understands he has been afraid to confront her.


She claims that he used her and that as soon as Ali began to resurface somewhat, Pete grew restless and demanded to leave. She warns him that he will regret doing this in ten years and that she was lucky to have avoided a catastrophe as he shakes his head. She leaves the bar by leaving.


After that, he gets up from the bar stool and dashes back toward his fellow comedian, surrounded by a group of other female comics, including Amy Schumer (as herself). Amy introduces herself to Pete and admits she didn’t imagine a girl as attractive as Kat would be interested in dating Pete. She and the other women begin making fun of Pete for splitting up with someone so handsome.

Episode 8 - Mulaney

When Pete finally descends those steps, and onto the stage, it feels like another significant turning point in his professional life. Although we can’t see Estee’s reaction from the audience. The audience is having a great time and Pete is doing a fantastic job.


After finishing his set, he enters the other room once more with trepidation. Estee orders him to take a seat. She tells him to call in for spots and that his set was good. Pete’s fellow comics, who are currently seated, are delighted for him, and Estee congratulates him.


John invites Pete to join them for dinner as they stroll outside with the other guys. Pete thanks him but says he must go and apologies. Pete catches her and kisses her as they begin to walk away from each other and down the street.


They exchange glances before starting to laugh and speak again as the episode cuts to black and the closing credits appear.

Cashing Quick Facts

  • an American comedy-drama television series
  • created by Pete Holmes for HBO
  • executive produced by Holmes and occasional series director Judd Apatow
  • semi-autobiographical show 
  • revolves around a version of Holmes, which is fictional 
  • with Apatow as director, HBO picked up for filming in September 2015
  • available on Netflix

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