Were Lisa Rinna, Diana Jenkins, And Erika Jayne Fired On “RHOBH?”


It seemed like we won’t be seeing them on the season 13 of the reality show.

There are rumors that Lisa Rinna, Diana Jenkins, and Erika Jayne won’t be asked to return to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for season 13 because they have already been dismissed.

Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna, Diana Jenkins

Their termination was originally brought up on Reddit by user u/Inevitable Pack6694, who shared a statement from the Bravo & Cocktails Instagram page acquired by Screen Rant.

“It is almost completely determined that three west coast wives will be out next season. Lip Licker, Little Miss Own It, and the criminal,” the statement reads. The rumor seemed to have delighted other fans of the show.

One user commented, “Can you imagine how Rinna and Erika took this news?? They literally have nothing else only this show. Wow! I really hope its true! Erika and Rinna are stale and boring, as for Diana she might as well blend in with the wallpaper she’s so dull.”

Another user even brought up Jayne’s legal problems, writing, “I might even start watching again if they will be gone. I haven’t been able to look at it now seeing Erika walk around free and with designer bags. She should be in jail and ripped for all “her” ownings. Justice for the widows and children!”

Kyle Richards was also added by several users as another housewife who should be removed from the cast. “Please let this be true. Rinna and Erika have long passed their expiry date, Kyle should have have been fired 6 seasons ago,” a third user stated.

Despite the fact that season 13 of “RHOBH” has been announced, there is currently no additional information available, therefore we cannot yet say whether the three housewives will or won’t be featured.

The three housewives have also not yet provided a statement regarding whether the rumors that they have been fired are true.

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Good morning to everyone except Lisa Rinna who's probably going to get fired soon lmao #RHOBH

i hope erika jayne gets fired from rhobh, after how she spoke to garcelle’s children, made fun of and enabled crystal’s ED, and her lies about her involvement in money laundering, i think it’s time to go. replace her with sheree

#lisarinna Rinna needs to be fired as does Diana Jenkins ! Racist remarks don’t fly anywhere ! But then again this is what @BravoWWHL allows and encourages

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