How Did Eric Burris Lose Weight?

Eric Burris has managed to lose weight in the recent year.

Eric Burris is known for forecasting weather on WESH 2 News. Many people have seen him on television over the past few years. And just last year, many witnessed his major transformation as the first warning meteorologist embarked on a weight loss journey.

People who watch Eric on WESH 2 News are intrigued about his weight loss and the methods he followed to shed pounds immediately. There are reports that he had undergone weight loss surgery, which was the primary reason for his body transformation.

Eric Buriss' Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Eric’s successful weight loss:

  • He believed that diet and exercise were both ineffective for him, so he opted for another method, as also advised by his doctor
  • He went through gastric bypass surgery not only to lose weight but for his overall health

Eric Burris made a life-changing decision to improve his health.

Eric weighed around 300 pounds for the majority of his life. Because of his excessive weight, simple daily activities like playing and taking a bath became a chore for him. While discussing his 100-pound weight loss journey on WESH, he stated that he could clearly see that his life was not going in the right route.

“What I was feeling was more and more taxing for every single duty,” Eric said. “I could clearly tell life was not headed in a good direction.”

Eric opted to make a change for his health and family earlier in 2021. He sought medical advice concerning his health and weight. In June 2021 of the same year, the first warning meteorologist had gastric bypass surgery at his doctor’s advice.

People were intrigued by his weight loss change and had many inquiries about his weight loss and health improvement. To address some of the queries concerning his weight loss journey, Eric appeared on WESH 2 News Sunrise.

Eric Burris decided to go on a weight loss journey to improve his health.

Eric discovered that a simple diet and workout routine was ineffective for him. This practice of simple dieting and exercise will not help him lose weight. Thus, he decided to visit the doctor for weight loss after failing to reduce weight.

The doctor warned Eric that if he didn’t figure out how to deal with this health concern, he would develop diabetes very rapidly. He was having problems producing insulin from his pancreas. The doctor informed him that these problems would make it impossible for him to lose weight without treatment.


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“I was told, ‘You’re going to go diabetic very badly if you don’t figure out how to correct this,” Eric said.

Eric had a gastric bypass procedure shortly after that. The first warning meteorologist then spent the next four weeks recovering. He described the process as a challenging one for his body to heal, but he insisted that he would do it again if necessary in the future.

“For anyone out there considering this, know that it’s not cheating. And if you are a candidate, it’s going to be a rough road. It’s not going to be the easy path,” Eric noted.

What is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass weight loss surgery involves creating a tiny pouch from the stomach and connecting it straight to the patient’s small intestines. As a result, the food the patient consumes after surgery will pass through the newly formed pouch and subsequently into the small intestine.

Because of the newly constructed tiny pouch, Eric consumes lesser portions but more frequently. He claimed and admitted in the same interview that he prioritizes protein when he eats and that he has smaller but more frequent meals.

Protein consumption is crucial for weight loss. This is why Eric prioritizes protein consumption in his meals. This could be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Yet, there are still some precautions that must be followed.

Eric Burris feels healthier now than before.

After decreasing weight, Eric is now in good health. In response to questions regarding his weight reduction, he assured them it was not cheating and urged them to try it if they were considering it. Although it’ll be a challenging journey, he noted that it’s all worth it in the end.

Eric further stated that he feels much better and has more energy than ever. He can keep up with all of the activities that his children ask him to do. His smartwatch now indicates that he has a healthy heart rate. He is absolutely certain that living a healthy lifestyle has extended his life by years.


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“I’m 100 percent certain this has added years to my life,” Eric said. “If it’s something you can commit to, it is life-altering.”

What’s more essential for him now is eating smaller, more frequent meals and prioritizing his protein consumption. Eric also joked that his only complaint about losing weight is that he has to buy more suits to accommodate his thinner but a healthier body.

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