“RHOA” NeNe Leakes Withdraws Discrimination Lawsuit Against Andy Cohen, Bravo And NBC Universal


She recently used social media to attack Cohen, but she's now reconsidering her charges.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is dropping her discrimination lawsuit against Andy Cohen, Bravo, and NBC Universal after it was initially filed back in May, saying that racism is tolerated in the reality show’s production.

NeNe Leakes

Leakes requested to have the lawsuit dismissed on Friday, according to court records obtained by Page Six, but “without prejudice,” which means she has the right to reopen it later.

The parties to this agreement have agreed that they will refrain from seeking reimbursement for any out-of-pocket costs or legal fees while the case is pending.

As we previously reported, Leakes filed a lawsuit against her former employer Andy Cohen and the show’s producers, saying that they condoned a toxic and racist environment.

The reality star claimed at that time that she protested to executives about her co-star, Kim Zolciak–Biermann, making racial statements for years, however, officials from NBCUniversal and Bravo television did nothing, instead retaliating against her and finally forcing her off the program.

NeNe Leakes and Andy Cohen

The suit further claims that following a disagreement with Leakes and other housewives in the same year, Zolciak-Biermann used the N-word to refer to them. Despite it, NBCUniversal, Bravo, executives, and two production firms are named as defendants in the lawsuit, but not Zolciak-Biermann.

She additionally argues that the producers of ‘RHOA’ broke federal labor and anti-discrimination laws, and she is suing them for damages. Moreover, she claimed that she planned to sue “RHOA” years previously, but the executives “blacklisted” her, making legal action impossible.

However in June, the real housewife was reported to be in negotiations with the producers, including NBC Universal, to perhaps settle the discrimination complaint she filed against them outside of court.

Leakes recently attacked Cohen on Twitter and said that he was stopping her career, so it didn’t seem like that was the case at that time. Instead, it appeared that she was strongly continuing what she had begun and hadn’t dropped the lawsuit after it.

NeNe Leakes RHOA

“I am happy I was able to help all the other black women get job opportunities that are working for them,” she wrote, adding, “He stopped me from working because I was a threat to his career! Yet he was able to abuse me for years. I want to release these voice recordings so bad.”

Attorneys and representatives for Cohen, NBC, and Bravo declined to comment, and those for Leakes have not yet done so either.

Reactions to “RHOA” NeNe Leakes Withdraws Discrimination Lawsuit Against Andy Cohen, Bravo And NBC Universal

If you think Nene Leakes dropped that lawsuit without anything, then y'all the same one believing Trump is still president

If y’all think NeNe Leakes walked away from that lawsuit with nothing you STUPID!

I just watched a breakdown of Nene Leakes lawsuit on TikTok by atty.janelle.woods check her out. The amount of evidence she provided about the racist white housewives proved that Nene would’ve won. I think she sued to scare them to get what she deserved #RHOA

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