What Happened in Summer House Season 2?


With some old faces and unexpected twists, the work-hard or party-harder crew is back for another summer in a brand-new weekend home in the Hamptons.

Kyle, formally dating Amanda this season on Summer House, violates the house’s cardinal rule that no couples are permitted.

Only three of the original cast members are still appearing in the series. Therefore the cast has altered significantly from the first season. Kyle’s current fiancée, Amanda Batula, did make an appearance in the first season. She was merely a guest star, though. She joined Danielle Olivera as a regular cast member of Summer House season two.

Cast of Summer House Season 2

  • Kyle Cooke – is a model, entrepreneur, television personality, social media star, and internet sensation. He is well-known for his appearance on various dating shows.
  • Cristina Gibson – is one of the main cast but shifted her career in writing. Currently, she works as a copywriter.
  • Lindsay Hubbard – is a famous American reality television celebrity, social media influencer, model, and public relations specialist.
  • Stephen McGee – is a New York-based actor, American event producer, and planner for luxury brands and socialites.
  • Carl Radke – is a sales manager, television personality, internet sensation, sales manager, and well-organized actor.
  • Jaclyn Shuman – is a goofy girl next door kind who traveled to New York City to work in fashion design but fell into fit modeling.
  • Everett Weston – is a social media personality and American reality television star.
  • Ashley Wirkus – is an American reality celebrity who rose to fame after she became part of the Summer House series.
  • Lauren Wirkus – is a model from California and a famous reality television star.
  • Amanda Batula – is a senior graphic designer, television star, social media star, stylist, and American art director from New Jersey, USA.
  • Danielle Olivera – is an American television personality, a co-founder, and CEO of the tech industry.

Episode 1: Passing the Torch

In the first episode, recently divorced Lindsay gladly transfers the “house couple” responsibilities to Kyle and Amanda. Two new friends join the group to complete the summer family.

Without everyone’s involvement in the room selection, things get off to a bumpy start that causes the cancellation of the house launch lunch. Then, when Stephen gets ready to visit Gay Pride in the city, he mulls over whether to ask Carl for assistance.

At a polo match, Lindsay indulges in her freedom by having her way with a man on a horse, while Lauren and her new roommate, Danielle, struggle with their conflicted emotions about living in the same summer house as their ex, Carl.

Episode 2: Stars and Gripes

The group gets ready for their big July 4 celebration over the important second weekend of the summer. While Carl and Lauren battle with unresolved emotions, Kyle and Amanda discuss the future of their relationship. But everything comes to a head as the crew celebrates the nation’s independence in grand style when Danielle detonates a bomb during a girls’ day.

Episode 3: Bonfire Insanity

After the chaos of the Fourth of July party, tensions are running high in the house, and Lauren’s cake-to-Carl’s-face tantrum forces Lindsay into conflict. These tensions eventually explode into an epic drama when the company departs for a sunset sail and beach bonfire.

The housemates return to the Hamptons after a brief but busy workweek, where Kyle and Amanda’s relationship experiences difficulties. Danielle grants her housemates access to an extraordinary location in the Hamptons in the hopes that it will ease all the stress and rifts in the home and restore unity.

Episode 4: Don't Poke the Bear

With the summer house finally returning to its wild, hard-partying ways, Amanda gets frustrated with Kyle’s persistent drinking and decides to give him a weekend alone. After being unable to let her ex-boyfriend Everett out of her mind, Lindsay contacts him. While Danielle continues to be an unwanted third party in their relationship, Lauren and Carl appear to have moved past the incident from the Fourth and are back to being friends (with benefits).

Episode 5: Smashelorette

Ashley, Lauren’s identical twin sister, is visiting their elder sister in the Hamptons for her bachelorette weekend, and she is not amused by how comfortable Carl and Lauren have become.

Lindsay goes on her first date with a hot younger man after dating Everett. During a romantic supper, Kyle and Amanda take a significant step. And Stephen finally discusses his disagreements with Carl.

Episode 6: Mother Knows Best

The group hosts several housemates’ mothers for a weekend in the Hamptons before Carl and Stephen work out the problem that caused their friendship to fall apart in the city. Even though everyone is acting politely, when Lauren calls Carl out on his dishonesty, things quickly spiral out of control. While Kyle prepares for his mother officially meet Amanda‘s mother and becomes anxious that this step is more significant than he imagined, Lindsay tries to be a good friend and act as a mediator.

Episode 7: The Exes are Coming

A disclosing game brings the parents’ weekend to a close before everyone departs for the city. Everyone returns to the Hamptons prepared for the weekend-long celebration of Kyle’s birthday.

Stephen has a blind date, Danielle has a house guest, and Carl and Lauren clear the air of all the turmoil from the previous weekend. Lindsay is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a special guest as Kyle’s “revolutionary” 35th birthday celebration is in full force.

Episode 8: Say It with Flowers

Lindsay causes a significant commotion towards the conclusion of Kyle’s grand 35th birthday celebration. The group returns to city life, but Stephen decides to see his family in Alabama to tackle some complex issues. At the same time, everyone else heads back to the Hamptons for Lindsay’s “Hubbana Nights” celebration. On a party bus, Amanda is upset by Kyle’s antics, and Carl and Lauren experiment with the friend zone with dubious success.

Episode 9: Summer Should be Fun

While Lindsay tries to restart her single summer and Lauren moves on from Carl with a few fresh prospects, Kyle and the life at home puts Amanda’s relationship under strain. Carl requests permission to let a new love interest spend the night when Stephen returns from Alabama, ready to pursue his relationship more seriously but struggles with conflicting signals.

Episode 10: A House Divided

To mend their ever-widening split, Kyle and Amanda decide to try out a new strategy, but it might be too little, too late. While Lindsay has some unexpected news for Everett, Carl decides to play fair with his most unique female buddy. Ashley, Lauren’s twin, visits again and notices positive changes in her sister. At a Hamptons rose party, everyone in the home lets off a lot of steam in the meantime!

Episode 11: Let It To Rest

The house organizes a huge blow-out luau on the last summer weekend, and Ashley’s husband happens to fly in from California while everyone is at odds. Stephen and Carl discuss their outstanding problems. Additionally, Kyle and Amanda are under a lot of pressure from their housemates, who are sick of their drama.

Episode 12: Reunion

The crew sits down with Andy Cohen to talk about the antics from season two, both on and off camera.