What Happened Last Season on The Voice? (Season 21)


During the twenty-first season, Sasha Allen of Jim & Sasha Allen was the first transgender artist to make it to the Live shows on the American version. She was the third openly transgender artist and the second transgender male to turn a chair on the show.

Coaches of The Voice Season 21

  • Blake Shelton – is a country music singer and TV host from the United States. In 2001, he came out with his first song, “Austin.” The first single from his first album, which was called “Austin,”
  • Kelly Clarkson – is a singer, songwriter, author, and TV personality from the United States. She became well-known after she won the first season of American Idol in 2002 and got a record deal with RCA.
  • John Legend – is an American singer, songwriter, pianist, actor, and record producer.
  • Ariana Grande – is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her four-octave vocal range has received critical acclaim, and her personal life has been the subject of widespread media attention.

Episode 1 - The Blind Auditions

The Voice S21 - Ariana Grande

As new coach Ariana Grande joins returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton in the red chair, they all try to find and train the next big singing star. The talent is excellent, and the competition is fierce.

Episode 2 - The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2

The Voice S21 - Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton

The second night of the 21st season of Blind Auditions features an excellent four-chair turn performance. A fight between Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson about country music lasts so long. John Legend and Ariana Grande leave to get something to eat, and Ariana’s soul leaves her body.

Episode 3 - The Blind Auditions, Part 3

The Voice S21 - Ariana Grande and John Legend

Only one coach block is left after the third night of the Blind Auditions. Ariana Grande hasn’t used her useful tool yet, but she has promised to get back at John Legend for blocking her.

Episode 4 - The Blind Auditions, Part 4

The Voice S21 - Holly Forbes

Holly Forbes’s emotional performance of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” got her a four-chair turn. Ariana Grande finally got her revenge on John Legend by using the last block of the round. However, she has not yet chosen a coach. 

Her daughter is a big fan of Ariana Grande, so it seems like it could go that way. But then Holly says she grew up listening to Kelly Clarkson, and the choice is clear: she’s joining Team Kelly.

Episode 5 - The Blind Auditions, Part 5

The Voice S21 - Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande

The Voice season 21 Blind Auditions, night five, brought some big news: From Justin to Kelly is a show that Ariana Grande likes. She says that it is “iconic” As a human woman who owns the DVD of From Justin to Kelly and has watched it more than ten times,

Episode 6 - The Blind Auditions, Part 6

It’s the last night of Blind Auditions for season 21 of The Voice, and here’s how things stand: This year, each team has 12 spots, and as we get ready for the last performances, Kelly Clarkson has two spots left on her team. John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton all have one.

Episode 7 - The Battles Premiere

The Voice S21 - the battle advisors

During the seventh episode, “The Voice” moved on to the next stage of the competition, the battles. Tradition says that each coach brought a famous person with them to help guide their hopeful artists.

When the coaches bring in famous musicians like Jason Aldean, Kristin Chenoweth, Dierks Bentley, and Camila Cabello, the battle rounds begin. It is to help their artists get ready to sing against each other to get to the next round. Each coach has a chance to steal and a chance to save.

Three artists, KJ Jennings for Team Legend, The Joy Reunion for Team Blake, and Chavon Rodgers for Team Ariana, said goodbye after losing their battle. Two “saves” were also used, one by Ariana for Bella DeNapoli and the other by Kelly for Kinsey Rose. At the end of the episode, John and Ariana both used their “steals” to try to get Jershika Maple to join their teams.

Episode 8 - The Battles Part 2

The Voice S21 - Vaughn Mugol and Jershika Maple

In the eighth episode, three artists, Tommy Edwards of Team Blake, Carolina Alonso of Team Kelly, and Vaughn Mugol of Team Ariana, went home after losing their battles and not getting a steal or save. Half of the people who watched the show were “devastated” that Vaughn was kicked off so soon.

Episode 9 - The Battles Part 3

The Voice S21 - episode 9 scene

In the ninth episode, Keilah Grace, Jack Rogan, Janora Brown, Wyatt Michael, Aaron Hines, Clint Sherman, Team Blake, and Sophia Bromberg, Team Ariana all left the competition after losing their head-to-head matches.

Episode 10 - The Battles Part 4

The last battles took place in the 10th episode, and KCK3, Parker McKay, and Kaitlyn Velez, all from Team Ariana, left the competition. Also, Blake used his steal to finally get Jonathan to join his team.

Episode 11 - The Knockouts Premiere

The Voice S21 - Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is the significant mentor for this round. He’s written songs in many different styles, so this seems like a great fit. But in the end, it’s up to Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande to decide what will happen to these contestants.

Episode 12 - The Knockouts Part 2

This is the 500th episode of the show The Voice. This has been going on for 500 episodes with Carson Daly and Blake Shelton. They should get as much cake as they can. But even as the cast and crew celebrate, there are still things to do and more Knockouts to make.

Episode 13 - The Knockouts Part 3

On the last night of the Knockouts, all teams have Ed Sheeran as their “Mega Mentor.” The coaches, who each have one “steal,” put their artists in groups of two and have each perform against a teammate. The coaches then choose a winner to go on to the Live Playoffs.

Episode 14 - The Road to Live Shows

The Voice S21 - the coaches took the stage

Each coach’s team (Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson) took the stage one at a time to try to win over the home audience.

Episode 15 - Top 20 Live Playoffs

The Voice S21 - scene from Episode 14

The Top 20 artists sing in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton to try to get into the Top 13.

Episode 16 - Live Top 20 Eliminations

The Voice S21 - the Top 13

American votes show that two artists from each team are safe. Each coach chooses another artist to go on. In the Wildcard Instant Save, the next highest vote-getter from each team competes with the winner of the Comeback Vote. One of the Save artists makes it to the Top 13.

Episode 17 - Live Top 13 Performances

The Voice S21 - Girl Named Tom

Girl Named Tom, a trio of siblings, Jim & Sasha Allen, a father-son duo, and 11 talented solo artists are among the finalists. This season, the judges are Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton. Carson Daly is always in charge of the Emmy-winning show.

Episode 18 - Live Top 13 Eliminations

The Voice S21 - John Legend and Kelly Clarkson

The Top 13 singers in Season 21 sang for their lives (or a place in the Top 11). They also sang for essential people in their lives.

The top 10 artists with the greatest votes were indeed safe, and the bottom 3 artists started competing in Instant Save. Kelly Clarkson and John Legend take the stage with their own teams for the first time.

Girl Named Tom, Jershika Maple, Holly Forbes, Wendy Moten, Hailey Mia, Joshua Vacanti, Jim, Sasha Allen, Paris Winningham, Jeremy Rosado, and Lana Scott are the new artists in the Top 11.

Episode 19 - Live Top 11 Performances

The Voice S21 - Coaches' reaction when top 11 is revealed

The songs that Top 11 has chosen to sing are based on what their fans want to hear them sing. With only 11 acts, everyone has a little more room to breathe and focus on their performances. People don’t mess around when they want to get into the Top 10.

The Top 11 artists try to get to the top by having to sing regular watcher songs for coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton.

Episode 20 - Live Top 11 Eliminations

The top nine artists with the most votes are safe, and the bottom two artists compete in Instant Save. Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton each have their own groups that they perform with.

Episode 21 - Live Top 10 Performances

The Voice S21 - scene from episode 21

The Top 10 artists try to get into the Top 8 by singing songs outside of their usual genres for coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton.

Episode 22 - Live Top 10 Eliminations

The Voice S21 - scene from episode 22

The top seven artists with some of the most votes were indeed safe, and the bottom three competed in Instant Save.

Episode 23 - Live Semi-final Top 8 Performances

The Voice S21 - scene from episode 23

For a chance to be in the finale, the Top 8 artists perform their own songs and memorable harmonies with ’90s motifs in the presence of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton.

Episode 24 - Live Semi-final Top 8 Eliminations

The Voice S21 - scene from Season 24

The votes of the American public show that the Top 4 artists are safe, while the Bottom 4 artists compete in the Instant Save.

Episode 25 - Live Finale, Part 1

The top five artists sing a slow and a high-speed song for coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton. This helps them compete for the title of “The Voice.” Kelly sings the new song from her holiday album that she just released.

Episode 26 - Live Finale, Part 2

The Voicse S21 - season winner Girl Named Tom

Carson Daly, who is in charge of the show, tells America who the winner of Season 21 is. There are special performances by chart-topping artists and duets between the finalists and the coaches.

Girl Named Tom was declared as the season winner.

The Voice Season 21 Quick Facts

  • a reality television series in America
  • premiered on September 20, 2021, on NBC
  • Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend returned as coaches for their twenty-first, eighth, and sixth seasons.
  • This season was the first time Ariana Grande worked as a coach.
  • Carson Daly came back to host the show for the twenty-first time.

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