What Happened in Below Deck Season 4? (Full Recap)

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In Season 4 of Below Deck, eight crew members on a luxury yacht are as they serve the opulent lifestyles of charter visitors in the British Virgin Islands. The recently promoted Kelley is being attentively watched by Captain Lee.

Ben, the chef, is keen to resume his romantic engagement with Kate. Sierra, who is new to yachting, gets special attention on board. Kate starts to doubt her connection with Emily when a surprise interpersonal relationship among the staff emerges. 

Trevor concentrates on integrating with his new coworkers, which doesn’t go as planned, while Nico and Kelley arrive at the charter in search of a “boatman.”

Cast of Below Deck Season 4

  • Lee Rosbach – Captain
  • Matt Burns – Chef
  • Kate Chastain – Chief Stewardess
  • Brianna Adekeye – 2nd Stewardess
  • Jen Howell – 3rd Stewardess
  • EJ Jansen – Bosun
  • Kelley Johnson – Head Bosun
  • Nico Scholly – Lead Deckhand
  • Chris Brown – Deckhand
  • Bruno Duarte – Deckhand
  • Baker Manning – Deckhand
  • Kyle Dixon – Deckhand

Episode 1 - No One Said This Job Was Easy

Below Deck S4 - Kate Chastain

A day before the charter, Kate Chastain shows up first to evaluate the situation. She is overjoyed to be working with Captain Lee Rosbach for the third time and on board the lovely yacht Valor, which has recently undergone renovation. They take a seat to finish up.

It’s okay since she has two new stews on the way, neither of which is Rocky Dakota. Kelley Johnson shows up next. After being recently promoted to bosun replacing Eddie Lucas of the previous season (Season 3) and taking many courses to get his act together, Kelley is trying to make amends with Captain Lee and the wider public.

Under him will be three experienced deckhands: one senior and two juniors. Kate and Captain Lee hope that the Kelley on board is a “new” Kelley.

Episode 2 - What Happens in the Hot Tub Stays in the Hot Tub

Below Deck S4 - Kelley Johnson

For the first Come to Jeebus Meeting of this charter season, Kelley pulls Trevor Walker aside and expresses his appreciation for his experience. The barking annoys Nico Scholly and Lauren Cohen. Trevor views this criticism as constructive and considers how he may change his approach to inspire the crew more effectively.

Given how much everyone despises doing them, Kate is hilariously pushing this beach picnic on her stews. Although it is not a picnic for the workers because of the wind, the set-up, and the crabs, Sierra Storm is thrilled to be at the beach.

Episode 3 - Hair Models and Filthy Martinis

Below Deck S4 - Nico Scholly

Nico is Skyping with Melissa Ann McCarthy, his “friend,” and it’s the morning after, 6 hours before charter. It’s amusing how he thinks it’s a big deal since he’s known her since he was 16, but that was just yesterday. Nico was permitted to stay the night in a hotel room.

Kelley decides how to handle Trevor moving forward. With a very well-cared-for poodle, the new charter guests are a handful. Ben Robinson and Kate are at odds again, and Kelley is still dealing with Trevor’s unruly behavior. On the crew’s second night out, Trevor shows that old habits are hard to break, while Kelley receives a call from a close friend.

Episode 4 - That Tuna Is [email protected]#!Ed

Below Deck S4 - Trevor Walker

Trevor earns Captain Lee’s wrath for endangering the crew’s security during their night out. Ben worries about a charter passenger who has particular food requirements. The same Stew attracts Kelley and Nico, and Sierra discovers how challenging working with Ben can be.

Everyone is eager to return to the boat, but Nico is prepared to fight. After having enough of Trevor making light of his military service record and pals, Kelley throws Trevor over the ship.

Episode 5 - The Freak Comes Out at Night

Below Deck S4 - Ben and Sierra

After a stressful night with Ben, Sierra decides. Meanwhile, Kelley faces difficulties completing the charter while shorthanded. The crew of Valor gains a new member. Nico intensifies his romantic pursuit of Emily Warburton-Adams.

While Emily tells Nico that she can’t date him anyway, Lauren watches the flirtation and moves around so she can’t see. The situation in the restaurant worsens when Lauren progresses to sit across from Nico so that he may get closer to Emily.

Episode 6 - The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die

After a string of errors by the newly appointed bosun, Kelley, Captain Lee becomes increasingly irate with him. A guest who completely upends Ben’s ego surprises Kate. Kelley intensifies his efforts to find Emily. The lives of the charter passengers are now in danger due to a frightening boating mishap.

The deck crew is placed on the windows by Kelley. He is dragged back up by Captain Lee so that he can observe his team at work outside from that vantage point.

Kelley and Nico follow Lauren as she incorrectly operates the anchor lift herself. After everyone has gone to bed and the deck crew has cleaned the yacht, they make fun of Kelley exercising on the deck.

Episode 7 - Decent Proposal

Below Deck S4 - Chef Ben Robinson

Ben tenderly gestures to a fellow crew member as Kate bids her girlfriend farewell. For their guests, the Valor team plans a surprise engagement feast. With Kelley, Captain Lee’s forbearance starts to fray. Kyle Dixon goes above and beyond in his admiration for Sierra.

I find it challenging to believe Ben has never sought out a young woman before as Kate follows him around and gets him ready to ask Emily out. Typically, he waits until a crew member is inebriated enough to act and then acts as if nothing ever happened.

Episode 8 - One Less Fish in the Sea

Below Deck S4 - Sierra Storm

After learning how Sierra treated a member of the deck team, Kelley is upset with her. While Kate and the exterior team have a very tense exchange, Emily enjoys a night out with Ben. As requested, Kyle takes Sierra on a date.

As Emily and Ben make fun of Kelley. Drink after drink, Kelley shows less and less concern, and this will not go well.

While the deck staff is enjoying drinks outside, Ben and Emily stroll suitably, and Kelley exits as they enter. Kyle gives a brief speech about his date and how sad he was to see Sierra messaging another person while she was with HIM.

Episode 9 - The Sea Was Angry

Below Deck S4 - Ben and Kate

New passengers are welcomed by the Valor crew as Ben and Kate argue over yet another misunderstanding. Ben makes Emily feel bad after he humiliates her. Kelley’s inability to lead his staff makes Nico unimpressed, and the charter guests’ safety is at risk, making life miserable for everyone on board.

The guests are terrified and queasy since the sea is SO choppy. The deck crew is called in to help clean up after the super nice wine fridge breaks due to the turbulence.

The waters are very rough, people are throwing up all over the place, and things are flying around in the kitchen. Finally, they arrive in a serene anchorage.

Episode 10 - Bombed by a Care Bear

Below Deck S4 - Kyle Dixon

After Kyle tests her patience to the breaking point, Sierra loses her temper. One of the crew members is almost fatally injured by Ben’s most recent culinary masterpiece in the kitchen. While Ben and Emily develop their connection further, Kyle connects with one of the charter guests and shows the team a new side of him.

The crew is giving the yacht one last inspection three hours before the charter. Kate takes the time to Skype with Ro Hernandez, who is “froostrated” by the lousy wi-fi and Kate’s absence. Ro was supposed to comprehend how busy Kate was and how bad the internet was on the ocean once she was on the boat, but that didn’t happen.

Episode 11 - Bosun Blues

Below Deck S4 - Capt Lee Rosbach

The captain, who has heard about this radio conversation and is assessing the damage, instructs Kate to call a Come to Jeebus conference with the whole deck crew, including Ben. Kelley is just irritated because, for once, he went to bed early and wasn’t in charge when the captain had HAD IT. Only the crew areas are accessible to Ben and the deck crew.

The crew receives a rebuke from Captain Lee for damaging a costly component of the boat. Then, Nico approaches Kelley about a few long-standing problems.

Dean Slover makes another charter flight. When Dean Slover throws Kelley a curveball, his managing abilities are tested.

Episode 12 – Bemily

Below Deck S4 - Dean Slover

The consequences of abandoning Dean on a deserted beach fall on Kelley. A decision made by Captain Lee regarding the external team shocks Kelley to his core. Emily’s disregard for her work causes Kate to grow impatient.

Kyle must decide whether or not to inform his fiancée about his date with Sierra. At the same time, Ben and Emily take their relationship to the next level. Ben informs Emily of the specifics of Nico’s new position as Senior Deckhand.

When Lauren accuses Kelley of disseminating false information, Kelley storms outside and loses his cool completely. She rushes over to Nico and informs him that Nico’s elevation has angered Kelley. 

Episode 13 - Waking the Resting Bitch Face

Kate’s tolerance of Emily and Sierra’s work ethic is wearing thin. Kelley and Sierra argue angrily. Lauren and Nico tire of Kate’s scheming, and Kelley adjusts to life on board with a new Senior Deckhand. The visitors have left for The Bath. Kate checks the guest cabins instead of taking a break and discovers shoddy work by the stews.

The phrase you heard is RBF Code Red. Sierra overheard Kate complaining vehemently to Ben. I imagine that sounded almost insulting. We leave now.

Episode 14 - 50 Shades of Ben

Sierra goes off the rails. Emily worries whether Ben and Kate are actually “just friends.” Ashley receives an exceptionally tempting offer from Kyle. Ben crosses a boundary with Kate during a one-on-one conversation that Kate had with Nico and Lauren, forever altering the chemistry of their friendship.

Kate and Sierra say their goodbyes awkwardly, and Kate believes Sierra has the tough skin needed to work on a boat. It’s time to say goodbye with a group hug and head home.

Below Deck Season 4 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from September 6, 2016, to December 6, 2016
  • executive producers are Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Nadine Rajabi, Lauren Simms, Rebecca Henning, James Bruce, and Elise Duran
  • under the production of 51 Minds Entertainment
  • consists 14 episodes

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