Video Shows Wild Sword Fight Between Group Of People In Brampton Gone Viral


A viral video shows a group of men seemingly having a wild altercation over the weekend in a parking lot outside a Tim Hortons in Brampton.

It is pretty alarming that people nowadays are willing to brandish their guns when a conflict between individuals arises. However, the weapon used in the video was unusual, which people don’t often see in street fights.

In the video, a group of approximately a dozen men seems to be fighting next to a car parked in College Plaza at McLaughlin Road and Steeles Avenue West, near Hurontario. The incident happened at around 1:30 am Sunday.

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One of the men is carrying a real sword, which he lifts high over his head with both hands before striking at others in the group. The person seemingly in the car filming the video zooms in while murmuring to themselves and their passenger in disbelief the entire time.

As the armed guy swings into the small group, others are fighting and fading from view, including his apparent target(s). A second man tries to charge and punch another man; however, he trips over along with another person.

Though it doesn’t appear like the altercation is done by the time the recording stops, everyone eventually ends up on their feet and slowly moves to the left.

One user commented, “Casual sword fight LOL- I think we need to fight to deport these folks forever if we want to remove the stigma that Brampton suffers from likes of these folks.”

“Not surprising…that plaza is a mess. Packed with cars revving and squealing every Friday and Saturday…but a sword fight is not common…😂” another person wrote.

According to a news statement from Peel police, the incident resulted in many non-life-threatening injuries. Peel police are looking for any more information on the weapon assault.

As of Tuesday, individuals of interest have already been identified.

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Yes, exactly why I am embarrassed to tell people that I’m from Punjab. I hate to say that I’m a proud Punjabi because of these nincompoops.

Very normal stuff

@PeelPolice what is being done about this? Swords ffs!!

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