How to Cope with Morning Sickness

5 ways to quash that first-trimester queasiness. Morning sickness is a mystery. Officially called Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP), it’s attributed to the rapid onslaught of hormones and is especially intense during the first trimester. But, there is no definite explanation for why it happens during some pregnancies and not others. While many suggest […]

5 Foods to Cure Pregnancy Ailments

Treat the most common pregnancy ailments naturally with food. It seems that everyone is always happy to see a pregnant woman and offer advice, hold doors, and generally complement everything about you and your growing belly. However, for every new mom-to-be, there are side effects that are not the most pleasant to endure. The good […]

Yoga Poses for Labor

5 poses you might want to strike when the baby’s bearing down.                   Even if you’ve never done a single downward dog in your entire life, there’s no time like pregnancy to get into a yoga routine. The benefits of prenatal yoga are many — from emotional […]

The New York Banner has Acquired was a site that featured exclusive interviews with celebrities, fashion icons, architects and more. We acquired it because it helps us offer more topics that our readers enjoy! Of course, we covered celebrity news, but now we are able to expand our coverage into other related topics, such as celebrity exclusives, film, TV, lifestyle, […]

Your Nanny’s Holiday Bonus

Plus other holiday childcare questions were answered. Amid all that holiday madness, it can be easy to forget what this time of year is really about: giving thanks. Especially to those who help you get through the day-to-day, like your caregiver or nanny. And while we know those caregivers and nannies do love a big […]

7 Healthy Baby Sleep Habits

You can help baby sleep better from day 1. Life with a new baby is often defined by how much sleep you’re (not) getting. Sure, some new mamas luck out with newborns who magically sleep through the night from very early on. But for most of us, sleep becomes a thing of the past. So […]

How to Talk About Politics with your Kids

3 ways to shape your conversations after a hostile election season. When I was first approached to write a piece about talking politics with your children, I thought, “My kids are so little. I don’t talk to them about politics.” But, that’s not entirely true. It’s part of our lives, whether we like it or […]

What Happened in Below Deck Season 7? (Full Recap)

Below Deck S7 - Cover with Cast

In Season 7 of Below Deck, tensions and passions are high on the charters due to the challenging crew relationships and cramped quarters, which leads to drama and nonstop entertainment. Cast of Below Deck Season 7 Lee Rosbach – Captain Kevin Dobson – Chef Kate Chastain – Chief Stewardess Simone Mashile – Stewardess Courtney Skippon […]

Prime Property: Bulgari Hotel London

Prime Property: Bulgari Hotel London

Bulgari Hotel London is a hotel that is located in Knightsbridge on the outskirts of Hyde Park. It is a sanctuary of calm and collected in the city’s heart and only a minute’s walk from any such points of interest as the renowned Harrods department store. Bulgari has set new standards for luxury hotels in […]

Jennifer Marie Morrison: Fantasy Life

Jennifer Marie Morrison: Fantasy Life

Jennifer Marie Morrison is an actress, director, producer, and former child model from the United States. She is best known for playing Dr. Allison Cameron in the medical drama House from 2004 to 2012 and Emma Swan in the ABC adventure-fantasy series Once Upon a Time from 2011 to 2018. She has also played Zoey […]