Cher Responds To A Fan Referring Dua Lipa As The Cher Of This Generation

Cher Responds To A Fan Referring Dua Lipa As The Cher Of This Generation

Do you think she agree or raise a doubt?

Comparing musicians with other musicians is a fairly widespread internet activity, particularly when the former has accumulated more achievements, fame, or even a title.

Cher Dua Lipa

In this case, Dua Lipa is being said to be the Cher of today’s youth. However, in a response she gave to a fan’s tweet on Tuesday, the Goddess of Pop didn’t appear to agree with this.

With a video of the “Levitating” singer, one Twitter user said, “Dua Lipa, the Cher of our generation,” and another person chimed in to support their claim, writing, “So much truth in one tweet.”

When Cher finally chose to enter the conversation, she replied, “How many yrs are in a generation 🤔,” in a way that seemed to disapprove the claim. A debate then between her and Lipa’s fans began at this point.

“Cher has won awards for acting, been in some many iconic movies, had her own show IN ADDITION to her music which has made earned her a number #1 in 6 different decades. Dua Lipa wishes she was like Cher,” one user wrote.

“I like Dua Lipa but the comparison is disrespectful. Wearing the same dress does not make artists the same, if anything, the closest to CHER is GAGA,” another user stated while a third user added, “i love cher with every bone in my body but if cher rlly thinks she’s better than dua lipa music wise somebody gotta wake her up.”

Since Lipa dressed so much like Cher did when she was in her peak, it seems to reason that the two were compared based on how alike they seemed, as the second user argued.

Lipa is still silent over Cher’s response to a fan’s tweet. Cher also failed to say if she approved or disapproved of the claim.

Reactions to Cher Responds To A Fan Referring Dua Lipa As The Cher Of This Generation

y'all tryna get buck with Cher...over Dua Lipa


all dua lipa did was travel across pangea during the pandemic, give us a great album and now y’all hate her because someone compared her to cher 😭 be serious, she probably would disagree herself!


Dua Lipa has bops, but comparing her to Cher who is one of the most famous people on the planet?


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